Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Policies for Promoting Dialogue with Shareholders 
<Disclosure Policy>

Honda will engage in constructive dialogue with our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders to further strengthen their trust in us, to achieve sustainable growth and to enhance our corporate value over the medium to long term, and to become “a company society wants to exist”.
We strive for fair disclosure at all times. In addition to disclosures required by the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other laws and regulations, we will disclose corporate information, including management strategies and business activities, in a timely and appropriate manner that will be useful to shareholders and investors in making investment decisions.


IR Promotion Structure

Dialogue with shareholders shall be administrated by the Accounting and Finance department, and be controlled by the Director or Executive Officer in charge of the Accounting and Finance department.
The President, Vice President as well as top management from the business and technology areas are also actively engaged in dialogue with shareholders and investors. In addition, we have an IR office in New York to serve as a point of contact with investors in Europe and the United States.


Cooperation with Related Departments

In order to engage in appropriate dialogue with shareholders, the Accounting and Finance department shall exchange information periodically and establish an organic cooperation system with the relevant departments within the Company.


Information Disclosure Methods

In order to deepen the understanding by shareholders and investors regarding the business of the Company Group, the Company shall proactively and continuously undertake the holding of financial results briefings, the provision of information on the Company’s website, the explanation of business reports at shareholders’ meetings, etc., factory tours for shareholders and so on.
To prevent leaks of financial information during the preparation period for the announcement of financial results and to ensure fairness in the disclosure of information, we have designated the four weeks following the last day of the business quarter to the day of the announcement of financial results as a "quiet period" during which we refrain from making comments or answering questions related to its financial results.


Feedback Structure within the Company

Shareholders’ views which have been recognized through dialogue shall be fed back to the management team periodically.
We also share the valuable feedback from our stakeholders with the related departments and utilize it to formulate management strategies to further improve corporate value.


Prevention of Insider Trading

The contact persons of the Accounting and Finance department who engage in dialogue with shareholders shall receive training on the handling of insider information and confidential information, and engage in appropriate dialogue with shareholders in compliance with the relevant internal rules of the Company.