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Director,President and Representative Executive Officer

In order to continue to be a company society wants to exist,Honda aims to become the “power” that supports people around the world who are trying to do things based on their own initiative.

Since its founding, Honda has been driven by its “dreams.” While valuing original ideas, technologies and design, Honda has grown by fearlessly taking on challenges to realize what was thought to be impossible. Through the creation of diverse forms of mobility, Honda aims to become the “power” that supports people around the world who are trying to do things based on their own initiative. In doing so, Honda has been providing value that contributes to the advancement of mobility and people’s daily lives.

Our relentless pursuit of advancing mobility, spanning automobiles, motorcycles, power products, aircraft and more, enhances the value of mobility and expands people’s life’s potential. When more people are “connected” through mobility, we can generate greater “power,” which leads us to the creation of a better society. We believe it is Honda’s mission to realize such a future with the concept of “zero environmental impact” and “absolute safety.”

In the meantime, the automotive industry is undergoing a “once-in-one-hundred-years transformation” that is characterized by swift changes. For Honda to fulfill its mission and continue to be a company people and society want to exist into the future, we needed to re-clarify “what Honda is striving to achieve” and “what value Honda will offer to its customers.” Based on this belief, we redefined our Global Brand Slogan –The Power of Dreams.

We chose to redefine the existing slogan rather than create a new one from scratch because, after a series of discussions, we came to the conclusion that the basis of what Honda is striving to achieve is the “power of dreams,” which starts from the “intrinsic motivation” of each and every one of us working at Honda.

“I am going to do it not because someone asked me to do it, but because I truly want to do it and believe I should do it.” Such intrinsic dreams of each of us at Honda will drive us forward, and when our strong individualities collide and our diverse knowledge and dreams interact with each other, they evolve into greater knowledge and more profound dreams. This synthesis manifests as “creativity,” which will generates value.

Moreover, we looked back and revisited the essential value of every mobility product and service Honda has offered to date. Consequently, we arrived at the conclusion that there are two value propositions Honda wants to continue offering – One is to enable people to “transcend various constraints such as time and place,” and the other is to enable people to “augment their abilities and possibilities.”

Our creative power generates the value represented by the two key words: “Transcend” and “Augment.” Such value we offer will become the “power” to move people around the world and support people who take one step closer to their dreams. Then such “power of dreams” will spread to the people around them, and there will be an expanse of dreams throughout our society.

With these aspirations for the future, we have added a new tagline – How we move you. – which follows the “The Power of Dreams.” This is the background of the redefinition of the Honda Global Brand Slogan.

The tagline – How we move you. –encapsulates the double meaning of “moving people physically” and “moving people’s hearts.” Through our mobility products and services, we want to surprise, inspire and move people. To do so, we will increase the speed of embodying our dreams while being driven by the diverse dreams of people around the world.

Honda will continue to take on challenges to further explore the possibility of mobility, in ways only Honda can do. So, please keep your expectations high.

Toshihiro Mibe

Director,President and
Representative Executive Officer