Social Contribution Activities

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Let’s make tomorrow better than today

What Honda really wants to make.
To bring excitement, smiles, and enriched life to everyone in the world.
That's why Honda challenges to create futures societies “That Are Full of Dreams”, through its various activities.

Honda believes.
We can create any future that we want.
An abundant natural environment, Clean Oceans, Safety for Everyone,

A future where children’s dreams can come true,
Together, let’s make tomorrow better than today. Striving to create future societies “That Are Full of Dreams”
Honda will continue to work to bring smiles to everyone in the world.

Basic Approach

Based on its fundamental principles of “Respect for the Individual” and “the
Three Joys,” Honda seeks to improve the quality of people’s daily lives around the
world. In order to share this joy, the Company hopes that its associates will strive to
accelerate their initiatives worldwide.

Protecting the Global
Promoting Traffic
Together for Tomorrow
Addressing Local
Community Needs
Supporting Our Youth
for the Future
Global Policy for Social Contribution Activities

Initiatives for Social Contribution Activities

Supporting Our Youth for the Future

Honda’s drive has always been to dream, and to keep challenging to make that dream come true.
Times may change, but the joy and fulfilment of challenging a dream remains the same.
Honda will continue its activities to share “The Power of Dreams” with everyone, everywhere.

  • Educational Support for Students of Color
    North America

    Educational Support for Students of Color

    For over 30 years, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) has supported the success and dreams of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) students through initiatives including the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge and Honda Battle of the Bands. These programs provide unforgettable experiences and opportunities for HBCU students, including meeting and networking with peers from other HBCU schools.
    AHM has impacted the lives of more than 200,000 students and in FY2023, awarded more than USD 450,000 (over USD 14 million to date) in grants in support of HBCU education programs and facilities improvements.
    AHM also has partnered with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to provide annual scholarship fund to support HBCU students pursuing an education in engineering, supply chain management and manufacturing-related fields.

  • Establishment of Girl's Senior Secondary School in India
    and Oceania

    Establishment of Girl's Senior Secondary School in India

    In India, over 60% of the population lives in rural areas, so cultivating the next generation is critical for the development of villages. A government survey found that half of the students in the classroom were unable to read and write, which presents a challenge to the educational environment.
    Honda Cars India Ltd. has established a school for female students in Tapukara, Rajasthan, where the company’s vehicle assembly plant is located. The aim is to aid the development of female students who have had limited educational opportunities compared to their male counterparts.
    We started the project by finding the land. The new building was completed in March 2020, fitted with spacious classrooms, a clean and well-equipped cafeteria, and restrooms. In terms of education, the program focuses on a wide range of areas,including classes that incorporate STEM education, together with moral and leadership training.
    In total, approximately INR 83 million has been provided so far, with 1,253 students enrolled in the program in FY2023.

More Activities Supporting
Our Youth for the Future

Protecting the Global Environment

Honda is working to preserve for future generations a rich natural environment that can coexist with local communities.
We are continuously doing what we can do for the future, one step at a time.

  • Honda Beach Cleanup Project Implemented by the Honda Group Across Japan

    Honda Beach Cleanup Project Implemented by the Honda Group Across Japan

    In 2006, Honda launched the Honda Beach Cleanup Project, which was based on the desire to ensure that the next generation will be able to experience the joy of walking barefoot on sandy beaches.
    The project utilizes the Beach Cleaner, which Honda originally developed based on a desire to use its technologies to find a solution to clean the trash that ends up washed ashore. In 2022, we marked the 16th year of this project.
    In 2022, although still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was conducted in 17 locations (17 prefectures) throughout the country.
    Originally initiated by Honda associates and ex-associates, the project has now expanded its circle of cooperation to include the Honda Group as a whole and local residents across the country, with more than 7,000 participants per year.
    To date, the project has been conducted 406 times on beaches throughout Japan, and the total amount of trash collected has reached approximately 520 tons.

  • Long-Term Afforestation Activities in the Severe Desertification of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

    Long-Term Afforestation Activities in the Severe Desertification of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

    For 15 years, since 2008, the Honda Group in China has been conducting tree-planting activities in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. To date, more than 2,000 Honda associates have participated in the project, planting 1.96 million trees over 14.33 million square meters of land.
    Over the years, we have studied climatic and soil characteristics to accumulate knowledge of afforestation in arid regions, which has allowed us to meet afforestation survival rates well above the national standard.
    This project has been carried out for the past 3 terms of 15 years, with the fourth term set to begin in 2023. In the fourth term, the goal is to plant approximately 3.33 million square meters of forest area over a five-year period. The aim is to expand forest areas, manage water and soil loss, improve local environments, and contribute to sustainable development in rural areas and even in North China.

More Activities Protecting
the Global Environment

Promoting Traffic Safety

Honda's Safety for Everyone initiative aims to provide safety to everyone sharing the roads.

  • Initiatives for Traffic Safety Workshops in Chile and Peru
    Asia and Oceania

    Initiatives for Traffic Safety Workshops in Chile and Peru

    Honda Motor de Chile S.A. has offered free motorcycle safety driving workshops in the city of Santiago, featuring motorcycles and safety equipment backed up by professional instructors to promote traffic safety among residents.
    In FY2023, seven volunteers from Honda provided guidance to 1,384 people.
    The activities involved were live-streamed via social networking sites and received 5,791 ‘Likes.’
    Honda also conducted a motorcycle drive safety seminar at Honda del Peru S.A. At the seminar, 25 Honda volunteers provided with both practical and theoretical training, instructing a total of 418 local residents and customers.

  • Donating Helmets to Children in Vietnam
    Asia and Oceania

    Donating Helmets to Children in Vietnam

    In Vietnam, the volume of traffic is on the rise, driven by the nation's economic growth. In particular, motorcycles are now being frequently used by citizens for commuting to work, school, and other business activities. Countless numbers of these motorcycles are congesting the road during peak hours in the morning and evening.
    In recent years, the number of owned automobiles has also begun to increase, making the promotion of traffic safety a major social issue. In response, Honda Vietnam Company Limited (HVN) began donating helmets to elementary school students in 2015 with the aim to raise awareness of children on the importance of wearing a helmet. In 2022, 620,000 helmets were donated to first and second graders in the three major cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho. This initiative was implemented jointly with the National Traffic Safety Committee. HVN is also working actively with the Ministry of Education and the police to educate children about traffic safety.

More Activities
and Promoting Traffic Safety

Addressing Local Community Needs

Honda is working as a united group in its community-based activities, with the desire to contribute as a member of the community in order to create towns and a society where everyone can live comfortably.

  • Support for Earthquake Relief in Turkey and Syria

    Support for Earthquake Relief in Turkey and Syria

    More than 200 generators have been donated by Honda Motor Europe Ltd. - our regional headquarters in Europe - to aid the areas affected by the earthquake that hit the Turkish and Syrian borders on February 6, 2023. Meanwhile, Honda Turkey A.S. donated approximately JPY 20 million in emergency relief supplies and humanitarian aid.
    Additionally, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. donated JPY 10 million in relief funds via the Japanese Red Cross Society. Also, the American Honda Motor Co., Inc. and Honda Development and Manufacturing of America, LLC conducted an associate donation program and made a matching donation from the Company.

  • Food Program in the United Arab Emirates Special Economic Zone
    Africa and
    the Middle East

    Food Program in the United Arab Emirates Special Economic Zone

    There are about 9,000 companies operating in the Jebel Ali Free Zone (a special economic zone in the United Arab Emirates), where more than 30,000 people stay in workers’ accommodations. As a member of this community, Honda Gulf FZE wishes to express its gratitude to those who work so hard to support local industries and businesses. To this aim, in July 2022, Honda Gulf FZE collected internal donations and its volunteer associates distributed 113 lunches to workers’ accommodations in the neighborhood.
    We plan to continue such activities in the future as we strive to be a company society wants to exist.

More Activities Addressing
Local Community Needs