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Honda Beach Cleanup Project Implemented by the Honda Group Across Japanese Marketing

In 2006, Honda launched the Honda Beach Cleanup Project, which was based on the desire to ensure that the next generation will be able to experience the joy of walking barefoot on sandy beaches.
The project utilizes the Beach Cleaner, which Honda originally developed based on a desire to use its technologies to find a solution to clean the trash that ends up washed ashore. In 2022, we marked the 16th year of this project.
In 2022, although still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was conducted in 17 locations (17 prefectures) throughout the country.
Originally initiated by Honda associates and ex-associates, the project has now expanded its circle of cooperation to include the Honda Group as a whole and local residents across the country, with more than 7,000 participants per year. To date, the project has been conducted 406 times on beaches throughout Japan, and the total amount of trash collected has reached approximately 520 tons.

Honda Beach Cleanup Project Implemented by the Honda Group Across Japanese Marketing

North America

Honda Canada Foundation in Support of Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers is an environmental conservation organization for children, with over 325,000 members across Canada. Earth Rangers is committed to educating children about biodiversity and sustainable behaviors to empower them to protect animals and their habitats. 2023 is the 10-year anniversary of this partnership, and during this time it has grown from a local community initiative to reaching 645 schools and over 160,000 students across Canada.

Honda Canada Foundation supports the Earth Rangers School Assembly program, designed to bring environmental education programming directly to students and teachers. The program is an exciting and interactive presentation complete with live animals, games and trivia, captivating video content, and two enthusiastic presenters who explain complex environmental issues in a way kids can understand. The program not only teaches children about the environmental issues our planet is facing — they empower them to take action. The assembly inspires students by highlighting the real-life work conservationists are doing, showing them how they too can take action for a cause they care about. Children excited about helping the environment can feel confident that they can contribute directly to positive changes.

Honda Canada Foundation in Support of Earth Rangers 01
Honda Canada Foundation in Support of Earth Rangers 02

South America

”Vertical Bike” Project Supported by Honda del Peru (HDP)

According to the Peruvian Institute of Amazon Research (IIAP), close to 800,000 square kilometers of Amazon forest are spread within the Peruvian borders, making Peru the second largest Amazon forest state after Brazil. Every year, more than 1 million trees in the Peruvian Amazon forest, covering a total area equivalent to 800,000 professional soccer stadiums, have been indiscriminately cut down for the harvesting of aguaje, a fruit known for having a high concentration of vitamin A that grows on the top portion of palm trees which normally get as high as 35 meters. Since this height has made it very difficult for the farmers to reach the fruit from the ground, the fastest way for them to harvest it has long been to cut down the trees.

In light of this, a company named Ogilvy Peru developed a creative solution called "Vertical Bike" to facilitate the collection of this fruit without the need of cutting down the trees. Honda del Peru (HDP) has contributed to this project by supplying the engines for the prototypes. This equipment designed to be easily transported with a capacity to hold up to 90 kilograms allows a harvester to climb up to the top of the 35-meter high tree in just 30 seconds, and is contributing significantly to protect Amazon ecosystem and its biodiversity. Besides preserving the environment, it also helps improve the work efficiency and increase the productivity of the farmers during the harvesting season.

”Vertical Bike” Project Supported by Honda del Peru (HDP)


Olive Trees Managed by Honda Italy

At Honda Italia Industriale, S.P.A., eco-minded employees work as volunteers to take care of olive trees that have been planted 20 years ago. Every year, they harvest the olives, produce the olive oil, and donate the oil to the local community. These activities are serving as a good opportunity for these employees to contribute to the improvement of the environment and the protection of the ecosystem on their own initiative.

Olive Trees Managed by Honda Italy


Elephant Salt Lick Promotion Project Supported by Honda Thailand Foundation

On February 25, 2023, Honda Thailand Foundation organized the “Elephant Salt Lick Promotion Project” to support the operations of Patchara Suthakchanurak Foundation under the royal patronage at Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary in Chachoengsao Province.

This year, over 200 associates from Honda group of companies in Thailand and approximately 60 local villagers volunteered and participated in this project by providing minerals in six salt lick areas. The contribution from the foundation for the project has come up to a total of 400,000 THB in value.

Elephant Salt Lick Promotion Project Supported by Honda Thailand Foundation


Honda CHINA Afforestation
Project(April 2022-October 2022)

For 15 years, since 2008, the Honda Group in China has been conducting tree-planting activities in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. To date, more than2,000 Honda associates have participated in the project, planting 1.96 million trees over 14.33 million square meters of land.
Over the years, we have studied climatic and soil characteristics to accumulate knowledge of afforestation in arid regions, which has allowed us to meet afforestation survival rates well above the national standard.
This project has been carried out for the past 3 terms of 15 years, with the fourth term set to begin in 2023. In the fourth term, the goal is to plant approximately 3.33 million square meters of forest area over a five-year period. The aim is to expand forest areas, manage water and soil loss, improve local environments, and contribute to sustainable development in rural areas and even in North China.

Honda CHINA Afforestation Project(April 2022-October 2022)