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Educational Programs for Children Provided by Honda

In Japan, Honda offers educational programs and teaching methods to instructors who engage in traffic safety activities in their local communities. Previous year, a study was conducted to verify the effectiveness of Honda's educational materials in changing people’s behaviors to act more safely. The results showed that with the passage of time, participants’ behavior returned to the level observed before the education, and therefore, continuous education is necessary. Based on these findings, Honda considered creating educational materials that allowed teachers at elementary schools, kindergartens, and nursery schools to educate children about traffic safety in brief morning and afternoon sessions.

In response to the teachers' opinions, Honda focused on making the educational materials easy to use and entertaining for children so that they could raise their awareness on safety behaviors as they enjoy learning about them. Through this approach, Honda created a titled “Sing, Dance and ‘Stop, Meow!’” for small children in kindergartens and nursery schools, and a digitalized Japanese card game called "Digital Traffic Safety Karuta" for elementary school students. *Karuta : Karuta consist of two types of cards with pictures or writing drawn of them “Sing, Dance and ‘Stop, Meow!’”was arranged in such a way to help small children learn enjoyingly the basic actions that they needed to take beforehand in order to cross a road safely, which were to “stop”, “look” and “wait”. Simple bodily movements that go along with the tune were added as part of the children’s physical exercise and "Stop Meow!”

sign magnets that resemble traffic signs and road markings were installed at hazardous spots created within the premise of kindergartens and nursery schools, based on the concept of making the children get naturally accustomed to the act of “taking a pause” in their daily lives. The "Digital Traffic Safety Karuta" was created basically as a digitalized version of "Honda Traffic Safety Karuta" The format of this card game was devised to provoke children to think about safety traffic behaviors, such as, traffic rules and appropriate manners by looking at what is illustrated and reading what is written on each picture card to understand the true meaning of each message delivered through words and illustration. The cards have been created with an animation feature so that students could visually grasp how they should behave safely in various traffic situations. The time spent on teaching them about traffic safety has been designed to be about two minutes per card to allow the teachers to use the cards iteratively in a relatively short period of time without feeling burdensome and arrange their presentation freely by combining multiple cards of their choice according to the length of time they want to spend in each session.

Honda intends to continue working closely with local traffic safety instructors and academic institutions to prepare educational programs on traffic safety that are more effective than ever by proposing innovative methods and creating smart teaching materials to maintain and enhance the effectiveness of these educational tools with an ultimate aim to build a safety society of zero traffic collision fatalities.

Educational Programs for Children Provided by Honda 01
Educational Programs for Children Provided by Honda 02

North America

Honda USA Foundation in Support of ThinkFirst Educational Programs

ThinkFirst For Kids, ThinkFirst For Youth, and ThinkFirst for Your Baby are evidence-based educational programs aimed at promoting vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian safety for children as early as newly-born up to 8th graders. ThinkFirst For Kids is a program developed through a collaborative effort by ThinkFirst, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. The goal of this program is to provide small children the opportunities to gain deep knowledge and strengthen their awareness about the causes and risk factors of brain/spinal cord injury, measures to prevent them from getting injured, and the importance of practicing safety habits from an early age.

ThinkFirst For Youth is a program designed specifically for students in grades 4th through 8th. The curriculum includes lessons on the brain and spinal cord, guidance on vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle and sports safety, and exercises aimed at building their communication and conflict resolution skills, increasing their self-confidence and enhancing their ability to make safe choices when on their own or in the face of peer pressure. ThinkFirst For Your Baby is a program designed specifically for new or expectant parents, grandparents, or other caregivers to provide guidance on street and pedestrian safety while walking with babies and young children, the proactive use of baby and infant safety seats, and precautions to ensure safe driving of vehicles when riding together with them, including a one-hour presentation by a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician/Instructor.

Honda USA Foundation's contribution supports the updating of the curriculum for these programs which includes renewing images, messaging, and translations into Spanish and Navajo of texts that are currently available in English and French. The contribution also provides funds for activities and tools for promoting engagement and platform usability. These updated curriculum and program materials are available to all ThinkFirst chapters throughout the United States and will be used to provide presentations and education free of charge. There will also be videos and interactive games available on the ThinkFirst website for public use.

Honda USA Foundation in Support of ThinkFirst Educational Programs 01
Honda USA Foundation in Support of ThinkFirst Educational Programs 02

South America

Initiatives for Traffic Safety Workshops in Chile and Peru

Honda Motor de Chile S.A. has offered free motorcycle safety driving workshops in the city of Santiago, featuring motorcycles and safety equipment backed up by professional instructors to promote traffic safety among residents.
In FY2023, seven volunteers from Honda provided guidance to 1,384 people.
The activities involved were live-streamed via social networking sites and received 5,791 ‘Likes.’
Honda also conducted a motorcycle drive safety seminar at Honda del Peru S.A. At the seminar, 25 Honda volunteers provided with both practical and theoretical training, instructing a total of 418 local residents and customers.

Initiatives for Traffic Safety Workshops in Chile and Peru 01
Initiatives for Traffic Safety Workshops in Chile and Peru 02


Motorcycle Safety Training Program Offered by Honda Motor Europe Iberia Branch

Honda Motor Europe Iberia Branch started a two-week safety training program in 1992, which has been upscaled in 2009 to an all-year program offered at a motorcycle traffic education center named Honda Institute of Safety (HIS) located 20 minutes from Barcelona.

The center built on a 20,000 square-meter property includes a building, an asphalt track, an off road track, and also a skid line for brake testing. Training activities are available all year long (excluding summer and winter holidays) and every day from Monday through Sunday. During the weekdays, the training activities are focused on safety courses for professionals and corporations (i.e. police, delivery services, etc.), while on the weekend, they are open to general motorcycle users (including children), regardless of which brand of motorcycle they own. To make it easily accessible for the participants, HIS provides all necessary riding equipment and also motorcycles (around 50 units from 50cc to 500cc). The training program portfolio includes 11 courses, which are normally 6 or 8-hour long.

These courses designed by HIS are based on defensive training and risk prevention. Training quality is one of HIS key targets. Since 2018, one of the HIS safety training programs has been certified with the European Motorcycle Training Quality Label for safety training, while achieving an average of 9.6 out of 10 in participants’ satisfaction score. With regards to the participation rate, HIS has accumulated already more than 25,000 participants from 2009 to 2022, while the plan for 2023 is to reach 1,250.

Motorcycle Safety Training Program Offered by Honda Motor Europe Iberia Branch

Asia and Oceania

Donating Helmets to Children in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the volume of traffic is on the rise, driven by the nation's economic growth. In particular, motorcycles are now being frequently used by citizens for commuting to work, school, and other business activities. Countless numbers of these motorcycles are congesting the road during peak hours in the morning and evening.
In recent years, the number of owned automobiles has also begun to increase, making the promotion of traffic safety a major social issue. In response, Honda Vietnam Company Limited (HVN) began donating helmets to elementary school students in 2015 with the aim to raise awareness of children on the importance of wearing a helmet. In 2022, 620,000 helmets were donated to first and second graders in the three major cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho. This initiative was implemented jointly with the National Traffic Safety Committee. HVN is also working actively with the Ministry of Education and the police to educate children about traffic safety.

Donating Helmets to Children in Vietnam


GAC Honda's “Traffic Safety Education for Children” Project

In 2022, GAC Honda's “Traffic safety education for children” Project continued to cooperate with traffic management department, CATARC, NGOs, dealership and other forces to carry out nearly 400 themed activities in schools and dealerships nationwide and traffic safety education programs for nearly 30,000 teachers and students. The teaching materials were customized based on the local situation. The school classrooms used for these activities were designed to realize a collaborative atmosphere to remind that this was a "government + enterprise + academia" joint project.
At the same time, GAC Honda has built the first batch of star dealership classrooms in South China, as a model to suggest how the latest scientific knowledge on road safety can be further integrated into the daily routine operations at the dealerships and enable them to give full play to the advantages of their rich experience and quality services.

GAC Honda's “Traffic Safety Education for Children” Project