My friend is wondering if he should buy motorcycle-specific gear.

Is riding gear actually necessary?
Isn't riding gear a waste of money, and couldn’t he just wear ordinary clothes?

You should wear riding gear to enjoy motorcycle life safely and comfortably!
Since you're here, allow me to explain why you need riding gear.

I’d appreciate it!

Riding gear comes with the following features not found in ordinary clothes!

  • Wearable with protector inserts
  • Riding comfort
  • Designed to prevent flapping

To begin with, you can wear protector inserts like these under your riding gear.

I know it’s better to have a protector insert than not, but is it truly that important?

Absolutely, protector inserts are essential!
In a fall, there is change you may hit or scrape your elbows, knees or back, right?
Protectors are designed to shield the rider from impacts and scrapes in a fall!

That’s absolutely right.
After a fall, it’s too late to decide to wear riding gear.

Before riding a motorcycle, you must always think about the possibility of falling and be prepared so that you sustain minimal damage if you do fall!

Next, riding gear provides better riding comfort.

Riding comfort? I’m not sure what you mean?

Didn’t we have a conversation earlier about proper riding position?
Riding gear is designed to match your riding position.

Wearing gear that does not match your riding position will cause your clothes to stick out.
This puts unnecessary strain on your body and causes fatigue!

I see! Wearing riding gear makes touring and other kinds of long distance riding more comfortable.

Lastly, what riding gear prevents flapping?

When you are riding a motorcycle, the wind causes your gear to flap about.
When a jacket flaps while riding, airflow resistance increases. This causes the body to easily fatigue and the warm air inside it to escape.

Wow, really?
How does riding gear stop this from happening?

The surface fabric, for example, is stiffer than that of ordinary clothes.
Some riding gear come with an adjuster belt to prevent the gear from flapping.

I see.
I now get why the flapping prevention feature is so essential for comfortable riding.

Do you understand the need for riding gear?

I sure do!
There are good reasons for motorcycle-specific gear.

Wear motorcycle riding gear designed with features not found in ordinary clothes, and lead a safe and comfortable motorcycle life!