A friend has bought a new motorcycle and is wondering what helmet to buy...

I've bought a new motorcycle and I'm thinking of getting a new helmet.
I wonder what kind of helmet I should get.

Okay, let's ask the helmet manufacturers!

We visited there and asked about helmet.

I bought the Africa Twin, what helmet do you recommend?

There are many different types of helmets, but I would recommend the full-face type, because safety is the most important...

Left/Centre: Full-face helmet, Right: Jet helmet

As I though, full face is best for safety, isn't it?
But it gives me a headache if I wear it for too long...

That might not be the suitable size to choose.

It depends on the manufacturer, but helmets come in different sizes.
Make sure you measure up and choose the suitable size.

Scene of measuring the circumference of the head

Furthermore, the shape of the head/face is unique to each person,
it can be adjusted with inner parts for the best fit.

Example : Inner parts for adjustment

There are a lot of inner parts to adjust!

Can I attach a headset to the helmet?

Yes, you can!

However, a headset cords tend to generate heat and if they are in contact with the cushioning material (Styrofoam) side, cushioning material may melt, so it is better to pass them through the inner parts!

Example : Cushioning material (Styrofoam) that has melted

Got it!
I will take care when attaching.

Also, on rainy or cold days.
I'm having trouble with my shield fogging up easily.
What are some good measures to take?

You can apply anti-fog coating, but it doesn't last very long.

I recommend anti-fog sheets that you put on the inside of the shield or a double-lens shield with anti-fogging effect.

Image of anti-fogging sheet on the inside of the shield

There are various anti-fogging measures.
Modern helmets are amazing!

I'm starting to want a new helmet too!

There are many replica helmet of famous motorcycle racer, but is there any difference between the ones on the market and the ones actually used by racers?

In order to participate in races, it is necessary to wear a helmet that conforms to race safety standards.

Some manufacturers pursue high safety standards in their market products as well, and as a result, some products for the market and the ones actually used by racers are at the same level.

Example : Rigid outer shell

What is Rigid outer shell...
It is the appearance of a helmet, directly related to safety performance, and an important part that determines the weight of the product.
There are products in which the rigid outer shell is the same for both the market and racing use.

I see!
I have learned a lot and am very grateful.

Thank you very much!

*Interviewed at : ARAI HELMET, LTD