Learn Moto maintenance with Benly

The periodic maintenance is an important health check of your motorcycle.

The periodic maintenance is crucial to enjoy safe riding.
Your motorcycle is composed of numerous components. As you ride and as time passes, components may deteriorate and wear may advance. A technician checks components, correctly predicts how they will change as time passes, and performs necessary servicing so that you can ride your motorcycle until the next scheduled maintenance with peace of mind avoiding a major trouble or an extra expense.


  • Benly

    Ms. Benly

    A rider who loves motorcycles and motorcycle touring but not so good at keeping them in a perfect condition.

  • Dr.Dream

    Dr. Dream

    Dr. Dream teaches Ms. Benly and Mr. Cub about motorcycles in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • Cub

    Mr. Cub

    A knowledgeable technician who can handle from old classics to newest motorcycles.

The three of them have come to know each other as a trouble of a motorcycle happened during a trip.



Brake fluid

(A fluid required to function the brake system)

Brake pads/shoes

(A mechanism required to stop a motorcycle)

Brake lever / Pedal play

(A point at which the brake starts to function)



Engine oil

(Oil that protects the engine)

Spark plug

(A part that ignites gasoline)

Air cleaner

(A part that cleans air)

Drive belt

(A part with which the engine power is transmitted to the wheel)


(Liquid to cool down the engine)

Final drive oil

(Oil that protects the gear)

Oil filter

(A part that cleans the oil)

Fuel hose

(A path where gasoline goes through)


(A mechanism with which the engine power is transmitted to the tyre)



Drive chain / Sprocket

(A part with which the engine power is transmitted to the tyre)


(Crucial element for the motorcycle to run/stop/turn)


(A part that supports the tyre for smooth driving)

Clutch lever play

(A point at which the clutch starts to disengage)




(A part to charge electricity)

Head lamp / Turn signals

(Equipment used to have your existence/action recognized)