“I know suspension can be tuned. However, I am not sure how many each suspension should be tuned.”
“I want to know recommended suspension tuning according to scenes. “

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This article introduces a suspension tuning guide in Motopub which is a portal site for service publications.

Suspension Tuning Guides for CB1000RA 2021 model year will be an example in this article.
Setup recommendations according to scenes and general damper setting tips such as for more “planted” front tire have been explained.
The guide can be read by the following link!

Your motorcycle riding will become more enjoyable even on the same road you always use if you make a minor change of suspension setup.
This entry level “Suspension Tuning Guide” is prepared to help you properly set up the suspension for more enjoyable riding experiences.
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  1. Setup Recommendations
  2. General Damper Setting Tips
  3. Summary

1. Setup Recommendations

4 kinds of recommended setup according to scenes are prepared.

Setup Recommendations
1.1 Standard

Recommended for riders seeking all-around performance in a variety of conditions.

1.2 Comfort

Recommended if Standard is harsh for you or you prefer relaxed pace for comfort.

1.3 Sport

Recommended if Standard is too soft for you or you like sporty riding, or you want more stability at high speeds.

1.4 With Passenger

Recommended for riders often carry passenger for extended period of time.

2. General Damper Setting Tips

From here, general damper setting tips such as for more “planted” front tire and for easy leaning are explained.

General Damper Setting Tips
2.1 Front: Compression Damping

To improve shock absorption on gaps.
To reduce nose dive at deceleration

2.2 Front: Rebound Damping

To more “planted” front tire.
To improve stability.

2.3 Rear: Rebound Damping

For easy leaning.
To improve stability.

3. Summary

We have so far shown a suspension tuning guide.
We hope you can enjoy motorcycle life furthermore by utilizing suspension tuning.
Please access the Guide from the following link!

3. Summary

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