Ever wonder what happens if you don't conduct maintenance on your drive chain?
Let's take a look at how important it is to periodically inspect your drive chain to keep your beloved motorcycle running smoothly for years to come!

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This article will take a look at the topic of inspecting your drive chain.

Here, we will offer a few tips on why pre-ride inspections are important to keep your beloved motorcycle in tip-top shape for longer.

While the drive chain may not be a part that stands out to you, it is an essential and critical part of keeping the bike running smoothly!
Let's gain a greater understanding of this part's role and how important it is to conduct pre-ride inspections.


  1. Role of the Drive Chain
  2. Pre-Ride Inspection and Maintenance of the Drive Chain
  3. Summary

1.Role of the Drive Chain

The parts that make up a chain drive (the mechanism for transmitting power using a chain) are the drive chain and the sprockets.
The main function of the drive chain is to transmit engine power to the rear wheels via sprockets.

The drive chain and sprockets are provided power from the running engine and exposed to sand that splashes up from the road as well as dust and rain. That makes these parts susceptible to dirt and damage.
If the drive chain is damaged, it can adversely affect vehicle operation and ride quality. In the worst case, damage could lead to a serious accident. This means we must conduct pre-ride inspections.

2.Pre-Ride Inspection and Maintenance of the Drive Chain

Checking the Drive Chain
There are five key points to check!

Are the chain and sprockets lubricated and free of dirt and rust?
→ If they are dirty or not sufficiently lubricated, please refer to the care instructions described below.
→ If there is rust, consult your local Honda dealer.

Is the chain sticking anywhere?
→ Move the bike back and forth and check the chain's movement.


If the chain links do not move smoothly with the tire movement, the chain needs to be replaced.
Please consult your local Honda dealer.

Is there any damage to the chain?
→ Check the chain's parts for scratches or deformation, and consult with your local Honda dealer if you find any.

Checking the amount of slack in the drive chain?
The drive chain requires the right amount of slack to function properly.
If there is not enough slack, the chain will stretch out too soon. But, if the chain is too loose, the chain and sprockets will not mesh properly.

Check the owner's manual for inspection methods tailored to your individual bike.

Checking the sprockets (gears)
The drive chain is an important component, but the sprockets it meshes with are equally important.
Make sure that the sprockets are not worn, damaged, or deformed.

→ If there is wear, damage, or deformation, please consult your nearest Honda dealer.

・Keep your Drive Chain Clean!

Continuing to ride with a dirty drive chain will shorten the life of the chain and sprockets due to insufficient lubrication and rust.

Cleaning your drive chain

・Move the bike back and forth and coat the chain and sprockets with neutral detergent or a chain cleaner, then wipe with a dry cloth to remove mud and dirt.

・Use a soft brush if the dirt is very heavy.

・After removing dirt, dry the chain thoroughly and lubricate both sides of the roller chain with the recommended oil as described in the owner's manual to complete the cleaning!


In this article, we provided a few tips about pre-ride inspection of your drive chain. The inspection described in this article should be performed not only before the ride, but also at regular intervals. This interval will vary from bike to bike. Be sure to check the owner's manual for inspection methods tailored to your individual bike.

We hope this article will help guide you ensure you can enjoy a safe and long-lasting life for your Honda bike.

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