Introducing contents with Honda’s The Power of Dreams as a message.
The “Movies & Graphics” will pick up individual Honda products
and create and share graphic representations of the stories surrounding each product.
"Me and Honda" is a series of documentary contents which introduce people
enjoying life with their Honda products all around the world.
Aside from that, we will also be releasing various contents from all around the world on this website.

Movies / Graphics

Connect Honda products that exist in everyday life with Honda users through The Power of Dreams.
The Power of Dreams Theater will be depicting this spectacle.


vol.1 “Super Cub Riders"

“Super Cub Riders”

The Power of Dreams Theater vol.1: “Super Cub Riders” tells a story of the lives and soul of riders with their ordinary, everyday Super Cubs, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Honda estimates that in 2017, the cumulative number of Super Cubs sold worldwide will exceed 100 million units.

The Making of “Super Cub Riders”

“Super Cub Riders” was filmed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in September 2016. All actors were casted through local auditions, and all filming was conducted on location, capturing the downtown urban atmosphere. Enjoy interviews with Saigon Cub Club members who assisted in filming, and the atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City where motorcycles endlessly come and go.

vol.2 “You are the one"

“You are the one”

The Power of Dreams Theater vol.2 is a story of a family and their car. The main character is Emma, a girl living in San Francisco, USA, and her Civic that has been together with her since birth. It is a heartwarming story filled with the beauty within people's minds and the wonderful relationship between people and cars.

Making of “You are the one”

"You are the one" was filmed in San Francisco, USA, in March of 2017. The four day on-location filming was blessed with good weather, leading to a friendly and peaceful filming filled with smiles from beginning to end. Along with their Civic, the father, mother, and five children that were gathered at the audition were just like a real family.


Me and Honda

People from all around the world enjoying life with their Honda.
“Me and Honda” is a content series introducing movies and profiles of the different ways people interact with their Honda.
This site will be continuously updated with new interviews of people found all around the world.