New Sports SiR.S Spec Grade Added to Prelude Series

September 24, 1998, Japan


Tokyo, September 24, 1998 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced that it has introduced a new grade to the popular Prelude series - a high-performance SiR.S spec sporty grade with a maximum power output of 220 PS. Improvements have also been made to the entire Prelude series. The new grades will be available from September 25 at Verno dealers throughout Japan.

Prelude SiR.S spec

Prelude SiR.S spec

Principal features of new Prelude SiR.S:

To expand the range of cars available to those who enjoy sporty driving, Honda has combined the 5-speed manual transmission used in the SiR grade with the 2.2-liter DOHC VTEC engine found in the popular Type-S, capable of a maximum power output of 220 PS, and complete with limited slip differential (LSD).

Other features:

  • Rear spoiler and body colored side protectors create a sporty silhouette
  • Newly-designed 16-inch aluminum wheels with 205/50R16 tires
  • Tinted glass (rear quarterlight/rear window)
  • High-quality leather-bound steering wheel that fits snugly in your hands, plus leather gear-shift knob
  • Carbon-finish display panel, central console and power-window switch panel for extra sporty feel
  • Luxurious suede-finish seat upholstery

Improvements to the other Prelude grades include:

  • Next-generation Honda DVD Car Navigation system now offered as an option on all grades, including extra-wide 6-inch screen allowing use of twin maps, "InterNavi" internet functions, "Wandering Sensing Device" System which detects abnormal driving patterns and alerts the driver, (see 1997 Automobile News, dated Aug.1st).
  • Sporty moquette upholstery (SiR, Si, Xi)
  • Rear wiper (Si)
  • 5-hole aluminum wheels (Si)

Principal factory options:

  • Premium White Pearl color option
  • 4WS system (4-wheel steering)
  • Honda DVD car navigation system
  • Electronic glass sunroof
  • Real leather seats

 Domestic annual sales target for total series:

5,000 units