Environment, the Honda Way

Honda believes that the freedom to follow our own curiosity and adventurous spirit is one of the intrinsic joys people are born with.
That is why Honda wants to offer people the joy and freedom of mobility through our mobility products and services.

Honda has a long history of
sincerely addressing
global environmental issues and conducting environmental initiatives in technological development, product manufacturing,
the development of technologies, manufacturing of our products and at every Honda production facility and workplace.

To continue offering the joy and freedom of mobility, Honda is taking on global challenges toward the pursuit of “zero environmental impact.”

To this end, we must continue making steady progress with a sense of mission.
“Triple ZERO” had been the underlying concept of Honda’s environmental initiatives in the past.
Now, since 2021, Honda has been working under the concept of “Triple Action to ZERO,” which specifies target years and required actions.

Each and every Honda associate will continue working toward our environmental targets from their respective capacities and positions while keeping their spirit high.
“Triple Action to ZERO” calls for the pursuit of extremely ambitious targets. It includes challenges and initiatives Honda cannot achieve alone. So, Honda will work hand-in-hand with others who share the same aspiration, tackle difficult issues and take on new challenges on all fronts.
To continue offering the joy and freedom of mobility to our customers, Honda will sincerely address each and every one of the environmental challenges that lie before us, and all Honda associates will work as one and make our utmost effort to tackle these challenges.

Blue Skies for Our Children