Honda is pursuing a world
with the joy and freedom of
mobility for everyone

“I want to have the freedom to follow my curiosity and adventurous spirit so that I
can experience a new world and discover new sides of myself.”

Honda wants to support such desires of people, and Honda wants to continue to be
the “power” that supports people around the world who are trying to do things
based on their own initiative.

We strive to realize the joy and freedom of mobility by seeking
“zero environmental impact.” It may not be an easy goal to achieve. Because it is
difficult, Honda will continue taking on challenges without giving up.

“Zero Environmental Impact”
For a future beyond our time

Honda has set the
2030 and 2050 goals
the realization of a circular/
society which aims
for “zero environmental impact.”

Honda Environmental Targets

Realize carbon neutrality for all products
and corporate activities Honda is involved in.
Lead initiatives toward the realization
of a carbon-free society.

To enable people to live sustainably on this planet, Honda will strive to realize a circular /resource-recycling society which aims for “zero environmental impact.” To this end, we decided to go beyond our existing “Triple ZERO” goal and set an even higher goal, which we call the “Triple Action to ZERO.”

Our environmental initiatives will now center around the “Triple Action to ZERO,” which is a concept that combines three focus areas:
- Carbon neutrality
- Clean energy
- Resource circulation


Changes in total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
over a 5-year period up to FY2022

GHG排出総量の推移 GHG排出総量の推移
More progress and details (PDF:1.6MB)

As a mobility product manufacturer,
Honda will continue initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its motorcycles,
automobiles and power products, and its corporate activities.

Blue Skies for Our Children

“Blue Skies for Our Children”
– This desire became the starting point of Honda’s
environmental initiatives.
And this desire is also represented by our global
environmental symbol composed of blue skies,
clean water and lush green land.

Sustainability Report (PDF:1.6MB)