HF120 is the next generation of Honda’s HF118 engine technology, which was further enhanced by the General Electric Company (GE) and Honda collaboration. It is a compact engine yet featuring best-in-class weight, fuel efficiency, environmental performance, and durability. Engine sales are conducted by GE Honda Aero Engines.



[HF120 Specifications]

Max. take-off at sea level, static Thrust
2,095 lbs
Max Dry Weight
211 kg (466 lbs)
Thrust / weight Ratio
1,511 mm
655 mm
775 mm

Overview of HF120

Compact, lightweight, and high performance
With the simple structure and air flow optimization, the HF120 combined small size and high performance.

Low emission
There were no emission requirements in the engine certification process for the small engines for business jet aircraft, but we developed our own combustion method and developed an environment-friendly engine which meets the emission requirements for large engines.

Low fuel consumption and noise
The low fuel consumption and noise are the best-in-class, which were achieved by improving the efficiency of each element, such as the engine bypass ratio, and overall system pressure ratio.

High durability
Durability was enhanced by optimizing materials and reducing the load on each parts. These enhancements lead to overhaul*3 intervals of 5000 hours, which is one of the longest in the category.

*3: After an engine is disassembled into parts, all those parts are fully inspected, and reassembled again.

HondaJet, powered by HF120, has achieved the top-level performance among the small-size business jet aircraft.