Design Innovation

The HondaJet cockpit is designed for optimum safety based on research into ergonomics and human factors. More cockpit space, a windshield that gives broader visibility and properly positioned flight instruments and controls are making the HondaJet cockpit a comfortable environment for the pilot.

HondaJet is equipped with the Garmin® G3000 next-generation all-glass avionics system with three 14-inch high-resolution displays and dual touch-screen controllers. The pilot can operate the G3000 system intuitively and easily to select and display all of the necessary information. Moreover, the cockpit is designed to enable single-pilot operation of HondaJet.


HondaJet also features outstanding cabin comfort. The cabin of a business jet must be much more than merely a seating space. At times it has to be a workplace and, at other times, a comfortable place for nice conversation and relaxation. This is the starting point of all ideas for the interior of HondaJet. Including the class-topping seat pitch, the completely adjustable executive seating, the fully private lavatory and sophisticated interior design, Honda designers exercised their ingenuity and thoughtfully considered every detail in the pursuit of cabin comfort.