Pursuing the Long-standing Dream of Advancing Personal Mobility to the Skies

Honda continues to take on new challenges to deliver to its customers the joy of personal mobility.

While Honda has developed a range of products for land and sea—including cars, motorcycles, and outboard engines—since its foundation the company has had a vision of taking personal mobility to the skies.
In order to bring this dream to life, Honda began research into aircraft in 1986, over 30 years after the company's foundation.

Under Honda's user-first philosophy, we have refined our technology to deliver unprecedented new value.
A compact, lightweight, small-sized business jet with ample space and superior comfort—we believed such an aircraft would offer faster, more comfortable, and fuel-efficient flight, increasing convenience while reducing costs and environmental impact.
We started by rethinking conventional aircraft design, and developed our aircrafts with our own unique technology.

HondaJet—redefining the compact business jet.
Casting its eyes to the skies, Honda continues to take on new challenges to bring its customers the joy of personal mobility.

Design Innovation

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