DREAMS Tatsuhiko Ito

Honda Track and Field Team
The captain leading
the team to the Top

Tatsuhiko Ito

Member of the Honda Track and Field Team
Born March 23, 1998
From Shizuoka Prefecture, he attended Hamamatsu City Hokubu Junior High School and Hamamatsu Shogyo High School in Shizuoka, then went on to Tokyo International University
・Personal Record (as of May 15, 2024)
10,000m: 27:25.73 (Japanese Championships, Dec 2020)
Major National Team Appearances
Olympics (2020 Tokyo)
World Championships (2022 Oregon)

Hi Mr. Ito, what is your dream?

My dream is to prove that everyone has a chance.

What is the driving force behind your dream?

Lots of people struggle to achieve their goals, and this includes myself going back a long time in my own life. When they tell me like, “You’ll never do that,” it’s this rebellious spirit within me that has become my driving force. I’ve come to know the frustration of defeat, which just makes me want to prove them all wrong, so I keep working hard towards my goals.

Did you confront any difficulties on the way to achieving your dream?

Injuries and health problems can make it hard to get in the right condition, so I've been figuring out how to get past those things and deliver results in competitions. I’m motivated by people's support and my own determination to somehow make it happen.

What is your next challenge?

As a competitor, I haven't run a marathon yet, so I want to take on that challenge. One of my goals and dreams is to set a new Japanese record. Through that, I want to prove that everyone has a chance, and I’ll work hard to make that happen.
As the Honda Track and Field team captain, our goal is to reclaim victory in the New Year Ekiden, so I’ll do my best to lead everyone to achieve that.