DREAMS Naoki Koyama

From Honda Track
& Field Team
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Naoki Koyama

Member of the Honda Track and Field Team
Born on May 12, 1996, in Saitama Prefecture
Alumnus of Matsuyama High School and Tokyo University of Agriculture
・Personal Bests (as of April 18, 2024)
5,000m: 13:38.81
10,000m: 27:55.16
Half Marathon: 1:01:08
Marathon: 2:06:33

Hi Mr. Koyama, what is your dream?

I aim to set a new Japanese record in the marathon.

What is the driving force behind your dream?

I have a pure passion for running. It all started with a top finish in my elementary school's marathon event. I want to etch my name in history by setting a Japanese record. That's the motivation that powers me today.

Did you confront any difficulties on the way to achieving your dream?

Initially, I struggled with pacing, often slowing down in the latter stages of a marathon, which prevented me from achieving the times I wanted. My response was to focus on practicing what I could control instead of doing anything special. I also make a conscious effort to not make any assumptions. I approach every race ready to take on even the toughest competitors without the fear of failure.

What is your next challenge?

I'm looking to compete in races internationally, not just in Japan. I’m determined to race against the world's elite runners and earn my place on the premier stages of the marathon.