DREAMS Max Verstappen

World’s highest ranked
Formula 1 driver

Max Verstappen

The Belgian-born Dutch F1™ driver made his F1™ debut at the age of 17 in 2015. Won his first World Championship with the Red Bull Racing Honda team in 2021, becoming the first Dutch person to do so, and has continued his reign by winning three consecutive championships in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Hi Max, what is your dream?

What is my dream? Well, my dream was to become a world champion in Formula 1, so luckily, I've achieved that.

What is the driving force behind your dream?

I think it's just the competition, you know. Driving on the edge, trying to get the best out of yourself. To get to your ultimate dream, to win the championship, that’s something that needs to be done.

Did you confront any difficulties on the way to achieving your dream?

Of course, there are always struggles along the way when you try to pursue your dream. It’s never a straightforward road, but I think that's also what makes it extra beautiful.

What is your next challenge?

My next challenge is probably to try to stay on top. That’s probably the hardest bit.