DREAMS Shunya Morita

From Honda Suzuka
to the professional
baseball world

Shunya Morita

He advanced to the third round in the National High School Baseball Championship (called the Koshien) and participated in WBSC Asia of the U-18 Baseball World Cup as a U-18 representative member. Although the team was defeated in the first round of the intercity baseball tournament in my fourth year at Honda Suzuka, He allowed no runs in three innings. He also participated in the Asia tournament as an employee representative. He joined the Yomiuri Giants in 2023 during its second-round draft picks.

Hi Mr. Morita, what is your dream?

My dream is to be a baseball player who continues to be cheered on and admired by everyone.

What is the driving force behind your dream?

I have gone through many difficult experiences and times, such as when I was injured. However, there were people that supported and helped me during these hard times. Therefore, I am practicing hard now with all my heart because I would like to repay them for their efforts and kindness.

Did you confront any difficulties on the way to achieving your dream?

I wanted to quit playing baseball when I got injured. I thought that I would truly do this and spend the rest of my life working hard at something else. However, people around me gave me lots of warm words, such as by encouraging me to “never give up.” Those words are the source of my vigor right now. Thanks to them, I am who I am today. I really think that a number of people have helped me greatly.

What is your next challenge?

I will play baseball at a different world from this year. So, I would also like to try hard with the aiming of being the top player in the professional baseball world.