Honda Announces New "STEP COMPO" Foldable Motor-Assisted Bicycle

April 5, 2001, Japan

News Release

Tokyo, April 5, 2001 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd.announced the April 6, 2001 release of a new motor-assisted bicycle, the "Step Compo", featuring a compact, lightweight, stylish design and foldable construction that allows easy storage and transport.





The Step Compo stands as a successor to Honda's Raccoon Compo (released in April 1998) and offers improved styling, excellent riding performance, and more convenient foldable construction than ever. Development concepts and keywords included "more stylish", "lighter weight", "smaller" and "further travel range".

The Step Compo is the first motor-assisted bicycle to be built around a die-cast aluminum monocoque frame. Weighing only 17.8 kilograms (about 2 kilograms less than the Raccoon Compo), it also features a foldable front-rear split-construction frame convenient for storage in small spaces or stowing aboard a vehicle for transport.

Even better, as expected from a manufacturer with both two- and four-wheeled vehicle expertise, Honda has also designed the Step Compo in tandem with the new Step Wagon vehicle, resulting in a perfect match that offers not only excellent stowability but also built-in onboard battery charging capability. This high degree of integration with automobiles and other means of transportation expands the Step Compo's radius of travel and range of use to offer new possibilities for integrating lifestyle and mobility.

Primary Features of the Step Compo

Lightweight 17.8kg Construction, Stylish Design

To combine a slim, nimble-looking, stylish design with highly functional construction, the Step Compo has been built around a die-cast aluminum monocoque frame that is the first of its kind ever used in a motor-assisted bicycle. Advanced design and manufacturing techniques including computerized wall thickness analysis and aluminum die-casting, extrusion and forging were used to create an optimized all-aluminum hybrid frame offering an ideal balance of light weight, high strength, and optimized rigidity. Further, the power unit module itself has been utilized as a structural member within the frame, allowing functional components like the battery and control unit to be integrated into the frame itself for an even more nimble, light-feeling body design.

Foldable, Dividable Aluminum Frame

By folding it in half at the middle using a convenient lever, then folding up the pedals and handlebars and lowering the seat, the Step Compo can be collapsed to a volume about half that of the Raccoon for an easy fit even in narrow storage spaces and easy carrying. The frame can also be divided into two parts-the front and back half-if needed for even more convenient storability.

ECO-Mode Achieves 30km*1 Travel Range

The Step Compo offers three different running modes including ON, OFF and ECO. The ON*2 and OFF modes toggle the bicycle's motor assistance function on and off, while the ECO mode conserves power by using motor assistance only for high-load times such as take-off, acceleration, and hill climbing, and leaving it off during low-load times including travel over relatively flatter ground. Riding in the ECO mode extends the Step Compo's travel range to approximately 30 kilometers*1, or about 1.5 times that of the ON mode and roughly double that of the Raccoon.

  • *1Using normal running pattern.
  • *2Motor assistance reduces required pedal pressure to about half that required by normal bicycles between take-off and acceleration up to 15km/h. Motor-assist power begins to decrease gradually after 15km/h, eventually reaching zero at 23km/h.

Nimble, Comfortable Riding

The Step Compo's special 16-inch tires, long wheelbase, and wide seat-height adjustment range ensure comfortable, easy riding. Its V-type caliper brakes, operated by sporty two-fingered brake levers, offer excellent braking force and control to ensure sharp, nimble handling. The built in 3-speed grip-type transmission uses gear ratios that have been set to allow a single turn of the pedals to propel the wheels a distance equivalent to that of a 26-inch bicycle.

Powerful, Clean Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery

The Step Compo's compact, high-performance nickel-metal hydride battery offers approximately 20% more battery life than conventional nickel-cadmium batteries. A special charger unit allows fast battery recharging in about 2.5 hours using ordinary 100V household AC current, as well as onboard charging using the 100V AC outlet*1 in the new Step Wagon*2. The battery uses key-equipped open battery leads that allow fast, easy installation and removal, as well as simple confirmation of remaining battery life by pressing the lead switch.

  • *1Standard equipment on type K, manufacturer's option on types I, D, and Y.
  • *2LA-RF3 and LA-RF4 models.

Specifications(Please note that this product is only available in Japan)

Name Step Compo
Model UB10
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,375 x 530 x 977mm
Folded Dimensions (L x W x H) 755 x 420 x 645mm
Seat Height Adjustable from 680 to 935mm
Wheelbase 980mm
Tire Size / Wheel Diameter 16 x 1.75 / 16-inch
Weight 17.8kg
Power-Assist Speed Ranges (Proportional / Decreasing) 0 to 15km/h / 15 to 23 km/h (3rd gear)
Travel Distance Per Battery Charge*1 ON Mode*2 20km
ECO Mode*2 30km
Flat-Surface Continuous Travel Pattern 25km (15km/h in 3rd gear)
Motor Type / Rated Output DC brush motor / 235W
Drive Type Chain drive
Battery Type / Power Output Ni-MH / 24V-3.6Ah
Transmission Type Internal 3-stage grip-type
Lights Optional
Charging Time Max. 2.5 hours
  • *1With rider and cargo combined weight of 56kg, temperature 25°C, and new battery.
  • *2Under normal road operation pattern. Values listed for travel distance per battery charge are calculated based on set testing conditions and may vary depending on weather conditions, road surface, model, equipment, load, and other conditions.