Honda Commercial Vehicles for Exhibition at the 34th Tokyo Motor Show

October 16, 2000, Japan


TOKYO, October 16, 2000 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today offered an outline of the commercial vehicle lineup it will exhibit at the 34th Tokyo Motor Show, Commercial Vehicles 2000, organized by the Japan Motor Industrial Federation, Inc., to be held on November 1-4, 2000 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. Honda's exhibit will extend the company's "Small Is Smart" concept to commercial vehicles under a new "Anytime, with Honda!" theme, which proposes the creation of commercial vehicles that are equally useful for working weekdays and leisurely weekends alike, and that offer more attractiveness and presence than ever before. Two different approaches to building commercial vehicles based on the "Anytime, with Honda!" theme will be shown:

  • 1)Fulfilling basic values through attention to modern requirements including increased environmental friendliness, better safety, and the integration of new information technologies
  • 2)Creating new values through commercial vehicles that go beyond the realm of work and business to add enjoyment to people's lives and lifestyles.

With these, Honda hopes to propose new realms of possibility for the creation of commercial vehicles that are ideally suited to meeting the increasingly sophisticated needs of 21st century users. Honda will also introduce its ALMAS Series of special needs vehicles, developed to make non-exclusive vehicles that extend mobility and utility equally to as many people as possible.

"mh" (exhibition vehicle)

"mh" (exhibition vehicle)

ACTY Truck Prototype (exhibition vehicle, planned for actual sale)

ACTY Truck Prototype
(exhibition vehicle, planned for actual sale)

  • Honda's main stage will feature both the "mh" (pronounced "eme-ash"), a utility vehicle filled with a spirit of playfulness and designed to create new value through usefulness in both work and leisure alike, and an Acty Truck prototype designed to fulfill the fundamental needs and values of future commercial vehicles, including the high-level integration of good environmental and safety performance with practical utility and usability.
  • Honda's Commercial Vehicles Corner will feature specialized Acty Series vehicles such as dump truck and refrigerator models, and will also show the depth and breadth of Honda's activities through exhibits of motorcycles, electric power generators, lawn mowers, and other items from Honda's diverse product lineup.
  • The Welfare Vehicles Corner will introduce Honda's Odyssey ALMAS and Life ALMAS vehicles, both designed to ensure that freedom of mobility and transportation can be enjoyed by as many people as possible without exclusion.
  • The InterNavi System Try-Out Corner will offer hands-on opportunities for visitors to experience Honda's InterNavi system, which uses a vehicle's navigation system to link to the Internet in ways to potentially enhance business efficiency.
  • Exhibition Vehicles
  • "mh"
  • Acty Truck Prototype
  • Welfare Vehicles
  • Odyssey ALMAS
  • Life ALMAS
  • Production Vehicles
  • Acty Dump Truck
  • Acty Lifter
  • Acty Fresh Delivery (refrigerator truck)
  • Acty Motorcycle Transporter
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