Honda to Launch S2000 Type V Equipped with the World's First Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGS) System

July 7, 2000, Japan


Tokyo, July 7, 2000 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that it will launch the S2000 type V, a new version of the S2000, Honda's two-seater convertible sports car. The type V will be equipped with a variable gear ratio steering (VGS) system, the first in automotive history, and will go on sale throughout Japan through Honda's Verno dealership network from July 14, 2000.

S2000 type V (with optional equipment)

S2000 type V (with optional equipment)

S2000 type V (with optional equipment)

S2000 type V (with optional equipment)

The S2000 has established a new standard in the market by combining driving pleasure and excellent handling with a high level of environmentally friendly performance. It has been officially approved as an "excellent low-emission vehicle" and achieves exhaust emissions some 50% cleaner than those required by the Japanese Ministry of Transport's 2000 emission standards.

The VGS system, which will debut in the S2000 type V, varies the steering gear ratio continuously according to vehicle speed and steering angle to provide a heightened "joy of maneuvering." The adoption of this variable ratio system ensures ideal handling performance through a broad range of driving conditions. Agile and exhilarating performance is especially noticeable on winding roads, since the front end of the vehicle turns sharply in precise response to driver steering input. While cruising at high speeds on expressways, the VGS offers a smooth and progressive ratio setup without excessive sensitivity, providing the driver with the relaxed and reliable driving feel of conventional steering systems. Astonishingly, the lock-to- lock ratio* is almost halved to 1.4 turns for better maneuverability in the low speed ranges.

  • *Maximum turning of steering wheel

Major Features of the type V:

  • The world's first variable gear ratio steering (VGS) system
  • Specially developed chassis (including damper units, stabilizer and limited slip differential exclusively designed for the model) in order to best complement the VGS
  • Exclusive "type V" steering wheel
  • VGS badge (on rear)

Additional Changes to the S2000 Series:

  • New body color: Midnight Pearl for all trim levels
  • Optional red-colored leather seats for all body colors

Domestic Monthly Sales Target: 350 units (series total) (applicable in Japan only)

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (excluding sales tax, units: x 1000 yen): (applicable in Japan only)

Tokyo Nagoya Osaka Fukuoka Sendai Sapporo Okinawa
3,380 3,391 3,396 3,407 3,384 3,421 3,461
3,560 3,571 3,576 3,587 3,564 3,601 3,461

actory-installed factory options: (applicable in Japan only)

BBS aluminum alloy wheel (four wheels): 200,000
Leather seats (red or black): 100,000
Honda DVD Navigation System: 220,000