Honda Introduces its GXH50/GXV50 4-Stroke Multi-Purpose Engine Series

June 29, 1998, Japan

News Release

Tokyo, June 29, 1998 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. introduced today the world's smallest, and lightest 2.5PS-rated power - the GXH50/GXV50 engine series. These economical 4-stroke multi-purpose engines already meet today the exhaust gas emission standards set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board). They will be made available through Honda's power product dealer network starting August 3, 1998.

GXH50 (horizontal PTO type)

GXH50 (horizontal PTO type)

GXV50 (vertical PTO type)

GXV50 (vertical PTO type)

The GXH50/GXV50 engine series is distinguished by its sleeveless uniblock cylinder case, and lightweight single-cam-lobe OHV resin camshaft. The adoption of an aluminum sintered connecting rod, and a highly rigid cover in plastic make this high-speed, high-power 4-stroke engine the lightest in its category, and thus the best power source for hand-held equipment. Drawing upon Honda's extensive know-how in 4-stroke engines, this engine series not only meets the 1997 EPA standards but also already meets today the requirements set by CARB for the year 2000. This low-maintenance, easy-to-start engine series is thus not only very economical, but also very environment-friendly.

Both horizontal (GXH50) and vertical (GXV50) power take off (PTO) shaft types are available for a wide variety of applications as the power source for portable power generators, water pumps, home-use tillers, and other outboard engines.

Technical features:

  • Very economical, rugged, high-speed, high-power engine producing 2.5PS at 7,000 rpm.
  • Ultra-lightweight series weighing only 5.2 kg in vertical form (GXV50), and 5.5 kg in horizontal form (GXH50), thus easily clearing the 14kg fully equipped limit set by the EPA for the hand-held class.
  • Butterfly-type carburetor and wide-range governor setting help modulate engine speed to meet a large variety of requirements and purposes.
  • Simple mechanical-type decompression system for easy start-up.
Domestic annual sales target:
GXH50/GXV50 series
(Including on-board units):
25,000 units
Total annual export target:
GXH50/GXV50 series
(Including on-board units):
75,000 units


Model GXH50 GXV50
Length (mm) 225 249
Width (mm) 274 286
Height (mm) 353 225
Dry weight (kg) 5.5 5.2
Fully equipped weight (kg) 6.6 5.7
Construction air-cooled 4-stroke,
single cylinder OHV gasoline engine
Engine capacity (cc) 49.4
Bore x stroke (mm) 41.8 x 36.0
Compression ratio 8.0:1
Maximum power [kW(PS)/rpm] 1.8 (2.5)/7,000
Maximum torque [Nm(kg-m)/rpm] 3.04 (0.31)/4,500
Rotation direction left (from the output shaft side)
Fuel tank capacity (l) 1.2 0.5
Specific fuel consumption [g/kWh (g/PSh)] 340 (250)
Carburetor flutter type
Ignition transistorized magnet
Starter recoil type (mechanical-type decompressor)
Lubrication force-fed