Honda Announces Launch of New Julio Fashion Scooter Series Targeted at Young Riders Replete with Built-in Helmet Storage Space

July 17, 1998, Japan


Tokyo, July 17, 1998 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the launch in Japan, on July 31, of a new Honda Julio series of fashion scooters. These vehicles, which are being targeted predominantly at young people, are capitalizing on the recent design craze that emphasizes classic fashions with slightly rounded, rectangular lines. This style - square forms with curves - is very popular among young people for making an individual fashion statement.
The prominent horizontal lines and plain surfaces of the Julio evoke an older, safer, more dependable age - while still looking highly individual. Both the seat and the floorboard are completely flat, giving the rider a lot more body position freedom. Also, by keeping the legs completely within the vehicle and not allowing the rider's body to jut out, the design enhances feelings of safety.

Honda Julio

Honda Julio

Honda Julio 50th  special edition

Honda Julio 50th special edition

Like the Lead and Tact scooter series, the Julio series complies fully with the new exhaust emission and noise pollution regulations for scooters and mopeds due to come into force in Japan from October 1998. Kind on the environment, the well-priced Julio series will also be kind on your finances.

Domestic annual sales target:

30,000 units

Main Features of the Julio:

Environment-friendly 2-stroke engine complies fully with impending Japanese motorcycle exhaust emission and noise pollution regulations

In common with the Lead and Tact scooter series, the Julio series features an air-cooled 2-stroke single-cylinder engine with carburetor modified to allow a lean air-fuel mixture, thereby increasing combustion efficiency and reducing the amount of pollutants generated during the combustion process. In addition, a new kind of oxidizing catalyst unit (or catalyzer) has been fitted inside the muffler. These modifications reduce the amount of pollutant gases in the exhaust by a substantial degree - reducing carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions by more than half. The Julio series complies fully with the Japanese exhaust emission regulations for new Class I motorcycles (50cc or less) due to come into effect from October 1998. Furthermore, after the engine has warmed up, the new modifications reduce emissions of white smoke, compared to present Honda models, by more than 90% (values are taken from Honda-conducted light permeation tests on Honda products).

Lively styling and feel

The Julio accelerates smoothly away from a standstill without tearing up the road - conveying a feeling the scooter is more in harmony with nature. Also, the rubber engine mounts reduce vibration for a ride that feels that both smooth and fashionable.

Other features:

  • The helmet storage space built into the scooter is big enough to accommodate a full-face helmet. A4-sized documents or books can also be put in the space without having to fold or bend them. A special protection sheet, which is affixed to the inside, also helps to prevent damage.
  • A locking center stand and an anti-theft device directly connected to the starter to deter thieves.

The color of the bodywork is coordinated with that of the handlebar grips, seat and other parts. Slim yet elegant chrome parts enhance the feeling of quality. Several two-tone color combinations are available to suit all tastes:

  • Bonnie Blue with Classic White
  • Pearl Bean Beige with Classic White
  • Heavy Gray Metallic with Classic White (available from September 1)
  • Fighting Red (Honda 50th-anniversary special edition color) with Classic White (limited quantities available from September 1)

Main specifications:

Model Julio
Type Honda BB-AF52
Length x width x height
(m) 1.655x0.625x0.985
Wheelbase (m) 1.170
Ground clearance (m) 0.100
Seat height (m) 0.710
Curb weight/dry weight (kg) 76/70
No. of riders (person) 1
Fuel economy (km/l)
[30 km/h test on flat ground]
Minimum turning radius (m) 1.8
Engine type AF24E
(air-cooled 2-cycle single-cylinder)
Displacement (cm3) 49
Bore/stroke (mm) 39.0x41.4
Compression ratio 6.9
Maximum power output (PS/rpm) 5.1/6,500
Maximum torque (kgm/rpm) 0.59/6,000
Carburetor type APBB4
Starter self-starter (combined with kick-start)
Ignition capacitor discharge (CDI)
Lubrication separated lubrication-type
Oil capacity (l) 1.15
Fuel tank capacity (l) 6.0
Clutch dry multi-plate
Transmission freely variable (V-matic)
Gear ratios 2.450 ~0.880
Rake (degrees)/trail (mm) 26°30' /72
Tire sizes 3.00-10 42J/3.00-10 42J
Brakes (front/rear) drum
Suspension (front/rear) bottom link/unit swingarm
Frame type underbone