Introducing Honda's Booth for the 32nd Tokyo Motorshow

October 15, 1997, Japan


Tokyo, October 15, 1997 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. unveiled today the details of its exhibits for the coming 32nd Tokyo Motorshow organized under the sponsorship of the Japan Motor Industrial Federation Inc. In its automobile and motorcycle booths, Honda Motor will exhibit a total of 73 vehicles showcasing the company's suggestions for the future. The Tokyo Motorshow is to take place at Makuhari Messe in Chiba prefecture from October 25 to November 5, 1997.
The automobile corner is arranged to include an array of presentation models illustrating the "Happy Together" main theme. Representing the second wave in Honda's "Creative Mover*1" concept of "Small is Smart", a number of "J-Movers*2" will be displayed to suggest new motoring values for the 21st Century. Other displays will include the 1997 PPG CART World Series driver's champion car, and the newly introduced Accord series.

  • *1New life style-creating cars including the Odyssey, CR-V, StepWGN, and S-MX models.
  • *2Where "J" stands for "joyful" and "joint", the latter in the sense of "joining together, bringing together."








At the motorcycle corner, under the theme "we like people, we like bikes", visitors will find a broad array of models ranging from the Racoon electric-motor-assisted bicycle to hybrid scooters and larger motorcycles. Custom models, dual-purpose models, large naked road sports machines, and other presentation models in each category will provide an idea of Honda's vision of the future on two wheels.

Automobile Corner

As expressed in the "Happy Together" theme, the emphasis is put here on Honda's technological know-how to the benefit of a happy relationship between people and cars.

In the Concept Zone, four "J-Movers" including the "J-VX", and the "J-MJ", are introduced as examples of a new motoring style based on the concept of "small is smart".

The Motorsports Zone bears witness to Honda's "challenging spirit", displaying three racing cars representing three different racing categories.

The Motegi Zone is built over two floors, introducing Twin Ring Motegi as a source of information toward the creation of a new mobility culture for the 21st Century with virtual games introducing the various facilities.

The "Honda Clean Air Vehicles" are gathered in the Environment Zone, showcasing Honda's advanced clean air technology.

Production models are displayed in the Production Vehicle Zone, with the Skeleton Theater more particularly introducing the technological features of the just introduced Accord series using a large Magic Vision system.

Motorcycle Corner

The motorcycle corner's theme is "we like people, we like bikes". In this corner, environmentally friendly "minimum commuter" bikes as well as a number of impressive sports models are on display.

The Move Eco Zone showcases new technologies and suggests new directions toward an ever closer relationship between motorcycles, society and the environment. On display are a hybrid motorcycle, and a new vending machine-type power station providing recharged batteries for power-assisted bicycles.

In the Line-up Zone, the visitor will find a rich array of distinctive models in each category, including custom, multi-purpose and super sports machines. The futuristic "big naked sports" FN-1 and the lightweight V-twin super sport VTR models incorporate new suggestions for the future.

World-title winning racers including the four time world champion NSR500 are gathered in the Racing Zone together with other works machines.

Finally, models specifically designed to play community functions such as the Rescue Bike complete the extensive range of motorbikes on display.

Vehicles on Display (*: exhibit models, **: production models)

1) Automobile Corner

Concept Zone

  • *J-VX (Value "X" Lightweight Sports Car)
  • *J-MJ (Minivan x Cross Country Vehicle)
  • *J-WJ (Wagon x Cross Country Vehicle)
  • *J-MW (Minivan x Wagon)

Motorsports Zone

  • *Indy Car (1997 Driver's Champion Car)
  • *JTCC (1997-specification Accord)
  • *Solar Car (1996 World Solar Car Challenge Winner, New Dream)

Environment Zone

** LEV (Honda Partner 1.6 LEV)

** EV ( Honda EV PLUS)

* NGV (Civic GX)

Skeleton Theater

** Accord (inside Magic-Vision)

* Accord (Dressed-up Model)

* Accord Wagon (Dressed-up Model)

Motegi Zone

  • *Side by Side

Production Vehicle Zone
(models on display may vary from day to day)

** StepWGN "Almas" (with seat lifter) ** Prelude Type S
** Odyssey Prestige ** Torneo
** CR-V Smart scape ** Orthia
** StepWGN (with optional eqpt.) ** Integra Type R
** S-MX LOWDOWN (with op. eqpt.) ** Civic Type R
** Legend Euro Exclusive ** Life

2) Motorcycle Corner

Move Eco Zone

* Hybrid Motorcycle * Dream Kids Wakuccho
* FB-S * Renoa
* Renoa * Honda Econo-Power Racer
* FB-B * Racoon CO•M•PO
* Looper * Racoon LX-3
* Dream Kids Dokitto Power Station (prototype)

Line-Up Zone

* FN-1 * CL 400RS
* CB 1300 * Steed
* VTR * Shadow Aero
* Hornet 600 * Valkyrie (tourer)
* VFR * XL 250T
Racing Zone Honda Access Corner
* NSR 500 * Rescue Gyro
* NSR 250 ** Hunter Cubra
* RVF/RC45 ** Sports Benly
* CR 250M  
* RTL  

Other models on display

** Gold Wing SE ** Benly 50S
** X4 ** Monkey
** FireStorm ** Little Cub
** Shadow (750) ** Little Cub*3
** CB 400 FOUR ** Foresight
** Hornet ** Fully Equipped Foresight
** V-Twin Magna S ** Joker (50)
** SL 230 ** Giorno
** Magna 50 ** Dio fit
** Dream 50 ** XR 70R
** Benly CL50 ** QR 50
  • *3100 millionth worldwide production commemorative model