Yuki Tsunoda to Continue Competing in Formula 1 for the 2024 Season

TOKYO, Japan, September 23, 2023 – Yuki Tsunoda will remain with Scuderia AlphaTauri and compete in the FIA*1 Formula One (F1) World Championship for the 2024 season. Honda has been supporting Tsunoda since he joined and went through Honda’s driver development program, and Honda is supporting Scuderia AlphaTauri as a Team Partner. In the 2024 season, Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) will continue providing technical support for the power units (PU) for Scuderia AlphaTauri as Tsunoda continues striving to win the world’s most prestigious races.  

Tsunoda made his F1 debut in the 2021 season, and finished that year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in fourth place, setting a personal best. Tsunoda has 60 F1 Grand Prix starts under his belt counting this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, the 17th round of the season, and in 2024 starts his fourth season with the team.

*1 Fédération Internationale de lʼAutomobile

■Comment of Yuki Tsunoda

“I am very pleased upon being selected again as the regular driver for the 2024 season with Scuderia AlphaTauri, and I’m welling up with a feeling of gratitude toward all people who have been supporting me. I will devote myself to winning so that I can return the favor as soon as possible. This weekend, the Japanese Grand Prix will be held at Suzuka Circuit, where I grew up. This is the track where I am most comfortable and love, so I will strive to demonstrate my best and inspiring performance. Thank you in advance for rooting for me!”

■Comment of Franz Tost, Team Principle of Scuderia AlphaTauri

“I am very pleased with the decision that Yuki will continue to be our regular driver for the 2024 season. I have been working with Yuki since 2021, and we have shared many difficulties and joys together. It is not only his skills and growth as a driver but also the positive atmosphere he brings to the team that are invaluable. He has become more aware of his role in the team this season, and his attitude is outstanding. I have great faith in Yuki’s future success and growth.”

■Comment of Koji Watanabe, President of Honda Racing Corporation (HRC)

“We are very pleased that Yuki will continue to compete in F1 as the regular driver. The competition in this world’s most prestigious race is extremely fierce every year, and there are many hardships F1 drivers and teams have to face. Still, Yuki maintains a positive attitude and continues taking on challenges, which has been encouraging many people. We hope that he will continue to play an active role and be successful as a driver who represents Honda. Including our all-out technical support for Scuderia AlphaTauri provided by HRC, Honda will continue supporting Yuki growth and success in the years to come.”

■Yuki Tsunoda

Birthdate: May 11, 2000
Birthplace: Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan

Racing career summary:
Completed Suzuka Circuit Racing School Formula (SRS-F)

JAF F4 Japanese Championship East Series: Series Champion/Japan Champion
Japanese FIA F4 Japanese Championship: 3rd

Japanese FIA F4 Japanese Championship: Series Champion

FIA F3 Championship (Jenzer Motorsport): Series 9th, 1 win, 3 podium finishes
Euroformula Open Championship (Team Motopark), Series 4th

FIA F2 Championship (Carlin): Series 3rd, 3 wins, 7 podium finishes, 4 pole positions

FIA F1 World Championship: Season driver standing: 14th, Highest race finish: 4th 

FIA F1 World Championship: Season driver standing: 17th, Highest race finish: 7th

FIA F1 World Championship: Season driver standing: 17th, Highest race finish: 10th
(as of the Singapore Grand Prix)