Overview of Honda Exhibits at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019

September 26, 2019, Japan


TOKYO, Japan, September 26, 2019 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the lineup of production and planned production motorcycles, automobiles and power products as well as energy technology concept models which Honda will exhibit at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 (Press days: October 23-24, Public days: October 25 – November 4, 2019).

Main stage

Main stage

Exhibit to commemorate  the 60th anniversary of Honda’s participation in the World Grand Prix

Exhibit to commemorate
the 60th anniversary of Honda’s participation in the World Grand Prix

*Vehicles shown in these images will differ from what will be included in actual exhibits  

・Honda Booth Concept

The Honda booth will be designed to offer a variety of special exhibits which introduce “the joy of expanding our life’s potential” that people can feel through Honda products and enable the visitors to experience the advancement in people’s daily lives that Honda and its customers can create in the near future.

The most remarkable feature of this year’s Honda booth will be the movable large-sized screen which will display images with a realistic sensation and provide visitors a visual and aural experience with the products and services offered by Honda. Moreover, throughout the booth, there will be various interactive programs the entire family, including children, can enjoy.

・The World Premiere of Super Cub-based CT125 and All-new Fit

The motorcycle exhibit will include the world premiere of CT125, a concept model developed based on the Super Cub series which has been very popular among customers all around the world. Moreover, Benly e:, a business-use electric scooter, and Gyro e:, an electric three-wheeled scooter, also will be exhibited for the first time in the world. The motorcycle exhibit also will include the Japan premiere of the CRF1100L Africa Twin Dual Clutch Transmission, CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Dual Clutch Transmission and ADV150.

The automobile exhibit will include the world premiere of the all-new Fit, as well as the Japan premiere of the all-new Accord which is scheduled go on sale in early 2020. Honda also will exhibit the Japan premiere of Honda e the dedicated EV model. Moreover, the automobile exhibit will include a number of production models, including a refreshed Freed, which will go on sale in October of this year, NSX, Honda’s flagship super sports model, as well as the N-BOX Series which has been the best-selling mini-vehicle in Japan for four consecutive years*1.

For the area of power products, which includes energy management technologies, the exhibit will include the world premiere of LiB-AID E500 for Music, a concept model of a portable power source designed especially for high-end audio equipment, as well as a number of production models of Honda power products being sold in the Japanese market, including outboard engines, generators and riding mowers. Moreover, Honda will exhibit energy-related technologies which connect mobility products and people’s daily lives, including the Honda Mobile Power Pack, a portable and swappable battery.

・Special Exhibits to Showcase “the Joy of Expanding Our Life’s Potential”

In addition to these exhibits of products, the Honda booth will feature exhibits which commemorate the 60th anniversary of sales of CB Series motorcycles and the 60th anniversary of Honda’s participation in the World Grand Prix as a part of its motorsports activities. Furthermore, the Honda booth also will include a variety of special exhibits unique only to Honda, such as a program where visitors can experience and learn about the performance and design as well as the development concept of HondaJet.

*1 Based on data provided by Japan Automobile Dealers Association and Japan Mini Vehicle Association

Honda Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Special Website:

<Key Exhibition Models>


CT125 (World premiere)
The CT125 is a concept model which proposes the new value of the Honda Super Cub series through its structure, designed while giving due consideration to off-road run-through performance, and the exterior design, which stimulates the adventurous spirit of riders. Inheriting the original “CT” concept, the CT125 features a steel front fender and up-muffler (above the engine), a wide and large rear carrier, high-mount air intake duct and side air cleaners and yet realizes simple and unique styling. While featuring a casual characteristic suitable for everyday use, the CT125 is positioned also as a trekking bike which is equipped with functions that enable the rider to enjoy it in the outdoors.  



Benly e: and Gyro e: (World premiere)
Honda will exhibit the world premiere of two business-use electric commuter models powered by the Honda Mobile Power Pack. Through electrification, the environmental performance and quietness of these models were further improved without compromising attractive features people expect of commercial vehicles. Honda has achieved this with a gasoline-powered version of these models, including outstanding loading capacity, durability, an easy to handle body size in any situation, and a large and flat rear deck designed in consideration of mounting a delivery box.  
CRF1100L Africa Twin Dual Clutch Transmission (Japan premiere)
While maintaining the “True Adventure” concept, total balance was perfected for this model. With the adoption of a newly-designed frame and an increase in engine size to 1100 cc, the electronic control to support the rider was further advanced through the utilization of vehicle posture information obtained from a 6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU). Moreover, this model features a number of comfort and safety features including a touchscreen LCD meter, cruise control and a headlight designed to address poor visibility while cornering. Honda also introduced another type of this model, CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Dual Clutch Transmission, which is equipped with Showa’s electronic control suspension that adjusts damping force in accordance with the riding situation. Planned production models of both types will be on display at the Honda booth.

ADV150 (Japan premiere)
While adopting a suspension, tire and riding position which are suitable for all road surfaces including smooth urban area road surface and rough suburban area road surface, ADV150 also pursues the “tough and active” adventurous styling. Moreover, this model pursued ease-of-use, comfort and the peace of mind of the user during everyday use and adopts various features such as a two-stage adjustable screen and a smart key system. Honda will exhibit the Japan premiere of the planned production model of the ADV150 which will enrich people’s hobby time and propose a more relaxed lifestyle without compromising the outstanding user-friendliness of a lightweight and compact scooter.

[ Automobiles ]

All-new Fit (World premiere)
At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Honda will exhibit the world premiere of the all-new Fit which underwent a full model change. This fourth-generation Fit inherits a spacious cabin realized with Honda’s original center-tank layout and a versatile seating arrangement from the previous generation Fit, and the hybrid model features the 2-motor hybrid system, which was made even more compact than the previous system. Without compromising the outstanding usability of the current Fit, the all-new Fit will come to market as a vehicle which will ensure occupant comfort and make their daily lives even more enjoyable.

All-new Fit logo

All-new Fit logo

All-new Accord (Japan premiere)
The all-new Accord has been well received and won a number of awards in various countries and regions since it was first introduced in the North American market, and Honda is now ready to deliver this model to Japanese customers. Featuring a “low & wide” proportion, elegant silhouette and spacious cabin, the all-new Accord is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in early 2020, as a high-class hybrid sedan which enables occupants to enjoy not only the beautiful styling and excellent usability but also the linear, exhilarating and high-quality driving experience.

Honda e (Japan premiere)
Honda will begin sales in Japan of the Honda e which was exhibited as a mass-production model at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019. Positioned as Honda’s proposal for an urban commuter, the Honda e features a motor and rear-wheel-drive system to realize a powerful and clean drive and ease of handling. In addition to featuring the dual screen large-sized touchscreen display and a camera-based mirror system which replaces door mirrors, the Honda e strives to seamlessly connect mobility and people’s daily lives with the Honda Personal Assistant, a voice recognition function based on connected technologies and advanced AI technologies.

Freed (*scheduled to go on sales on October 18, 2019)
Honda refreshed the design of Freed which features an easy-to-handle compact body and spacious cabin and further enhanced the Freed lineup with the addition of the Crosstar grade which emphasized the expression of a fun-loving spirit and dynamic performance with its crossover style design. Honda will exhibit the production model of the refreshed Freed at the Tokyo Motor Show, which will be held shortly after the market introduction of the refreshed Freed.

[ Power Products and Energy Management Technologies]

 LiB-AID E500 for Music (World premiere)
LiB-AID E500 for Music was designed exclusively to supply high-quality electricity to high-end audio equipment. This model was newly developed with a special focus on improving sound quality. For instance, the inside of the casing was coated with a material which shields the electromagnetic wave, and materials suitable for audio equipment were used for the power outlet plate and wiring cables. LiB-AID E500 for Music is designed with an assumption of supplying electricity to the player and preamplifier of an audio system. 

<List of Honda vehicles/products to be exhibited>

*2 WP=World premiere, JP=Japan premiere



Exhibition models



Concept model



Planned production models

Benly e:


Gyro e:


CRF1100L Africa Twin Dual Clutch Transmission


CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Dual Clutch Transmission




Gold Wing Tour Dual Clutch Transmission <Airbag>


Custom concept model

CB1000R Custom Concept  


Historic models

Benly CB92 Super Sport (1959)


Dream CB750 Four (1969)


CB750F (1979)


CB1000 SUPER  (1992)


Racing machines

RC142 (Competed in the FIM*3 Isle of Man TT Race in the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix<WGP> in 1959)


NSR500 (1985 FIM WGP champion)


RC211V (2006 FIM WGP MotoGP class champion)


RC213V (Competed in the FIM WGP MotoGP class in 2019)


Production models



Production models

CB1300 Super Four SP










CB400 Super Four






Super Cub C125


Monkey 125




Cross Cub 110










Exhibition models


Planned production models

All-new Fit


All-new Accord


Honda e


Racing machines

RA272 (1965 FIA*4 Formula One WGP Mexican GP champion)



McLaren Honda MP4/4 

(1988 FIA Formula One WGP champion)


RA106 (2006 FIA Formula One Hungarian GP champion)


Scuderia Toro Rosso STR13

(Model with the same color as the machine for the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship)


Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB14

(Model with the same color as the machine for the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship)


Production models


Production models


(*Scheduled to go on sale on October 18, 2019)











Power products and energy management technologies


Exhibition models


Concept models

LiB-AID E500 for Music


Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger

(charging station unit) 


Honda Power Manager Prototype

(Bidirectional DC charging device) 


Production models


Production models

LiB-AID E500 (portable power source)


BF250 (outboard engine)


EU18i (generator)


HF2417 (riding mower)


Honda Mobile Power Pack

(portable and swappable battery)


*3 Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
*4 Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile