Honda to Begin Lease Sales of Electric Scooter “PCX ELECTRIC”

November 29, 2018, Japan


November 29, 2018 - Honda announced that it will commence lease sales towards corporations and sole proprietors of the electric motorized scooter (125cc or less) “PCX ELECTRIC,” on Friday, November 30, 2018.

PCX ELECTRIC(Pearl Glare White)

PCX ELECTRIC(Pearl Glare White)

The PCX ELECTRIC, based on the PCX popular for its stylish design and environmentally friendly engine, is powered by a newly-developed compact electric power unit.  The motor’s Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) structure*1 provides ample torque from low revs, realizes powerful and smooth take-off and hill-climbing performance. By inheriting the PCX series’ easy-to-handle size and comfortable riding position, the PCX ELECTRIC realizes a comfortable and elegant urban riding. Two removable “Honda Mobile Power Pack” units enable the PCX ELECTRIC to travel up to 41km*2 on a single charge. For convenience, the mobile power packs can be charged while connected to the PCX ELECTRIC by using the supplied connector*3, or by an optional external charger.

To collect a wide range of customer opinions and requirements regarding electric scooter, the PCX ELECTRIC will be monitored, and a bike-sharing service in the Tokyo district and a tourist resort bike-rental service experiment will commence in Spring, 2019, in Japan.

Honda also plans to lease-sell the PCX ELECTRIC in South East Asia, with a surplus power utilization system experiment using the PCX ELECTRIC set to commence in the Philippines.

Through monitoring, and rental and sharing services, Honda will gauge electric scooter usability from business to personal use, and utilize the data to bring electric scooters even closer to the customer.

  • *1Magnet embedded
  • *260km/h steady state test
  • *3Compatible with 100V/AC plug
Honda Mobile Power Pack

Honda Mobile Power Pack

Planned production (Japan-domestic / annual)

250 units

  • Available for lease-sale to corporations, sole-proprietorships, and government departments. Lease price depends on lease period and plan.


EV System

The newly-developed 96V EV system employs two serially-connected 48V high-energy density lithium-ion batteries.

The motor employs an IPM structure for high energy efficiency, and high output even at low revs for take-off. Maximum motor output of 4.2kW (standard output: 0.98kW) realizes smooth riding and hill-climbing performance. The powerful and compact power unit provides motor temperature protection and concise electric-flow control, making oil-pump, radiator and clutch unnecessary.

From a completely discharged state, the two mobile power packs can be fully charged in approximately 6 hours*4 while connected to the PCX ELECTRIC, or in approximately 4 hours*4 when removed from the PCX ELECTRIC and charged using the optional charger.

  • *4Charge time measured under test conditions while connected to power outlet. Charge time may vary according to mobile power pack condition, recharging environment, and condition and maintenance of PCX ELECTRIC.


Extended wheelbase and PCX series-first rear-hugger allows housing of the mobile power packs in what was the PCX’s luggage box, while maintaining sufficient rear tire movement. The PCX ELECTRIC keeps the PCX’s overall length, inheriting the ease-of-use in urban areas and comfortable riding position.

With the wheelbase extended, rear cushion length has been changed and power unit is positioned further to the back compared to the PCX, and three-stage springs are used.For the suspension under the rear cushion and motor, a newly-designed power unit hanger matched with a low-vibration EV power unit contributes to a silky smooth ride.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) for the front wheel.


Continuously flowing curves from the front to rear make the PCX’s styling elegant and relaxed. Advanced and suave styling is enhanced with LED lights all around, with blue accenting for the headlight’s signature (position) light bracket and tail light inner lens, and with blue accenting when the lights are turned off. The rear-hugger attached to the rear of the power unit adds to the PCX ELECTRIC’s sophistication and uniqueness.

The PCX ELECTRIC will be available in Pearl Glare White. Candy Blue accenting tightens the PCX ELECTRIC’s looks all around, and enhances its premium nature.

Other features

Instrument panel clearly displays EV system information. Indicators include speedometer, clock, mobile power pack charge, and charge status when connected to mains power.

Honda SMART Key system allows the rider to unlock the main switch knob by simply approaching the PCX ELECTRIC without the need to remove the smart key from garments.





Honda ZAD-EF01

Length x Width x Height (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Minimum ground clearance (mm)★


Seat height (mm)★


Curb weight (kg)


Occupants (persons)


Travel distance on single charge*5(km)

As reported to Ministry of Land、Infrastructure and Transport

41(60km/h steady state test)
<1 passenger>

Minimum turning circle (m)


Power unit / type

EF01M / AC motor

Output (kw)


Maximum output (kW[PS]/rpm)


Maximum torque (N・m[kgf・m]/rpm)

18 [1.8]/500

Battery type

Lithium ion

Main battery voltage / capacity



Battery charger

AC100V(single phase)



100/80-14M/C 48P


120/70-14M/C 55P



Hydraulic disc


Mechanical leading / trailing







Double cradle

Road Vehicles Act Type Certification Value (★ Honda official specifications)
Manufacturer: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

  • *5Travel distance on single charge calculated according to pre-determined test conditions. Performance may vary according to many factors including the customer’s environment (weather, traffic), riding style, bike condition (features, specifications) and maintenance.