Honda Introduces New "3x2" Edix Minivan

July 7, 2004, Japan


July 7, 2004-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today introduced "Edix," a distinctive new minivan featuring six independent seats in two rows of three ('3x2' layout), creating a variety of communication-enhancing seating arrangements in an easy-handling vehicle with a short, wide body. The Edix goes on sale July 8th at Honda automobile dealers throughout Japan. 

The 3x2 minivan design of the Edix delivers new value, offering a versatile communication space that enables vehicle occupants to share the fun of mobility as never before. Six independent seats are arranged in two rows of three, with the front and rear center seats mounted on long slides that allow for a V-pattern seat layout. This provides three-person, side-by-side seating without excessive vehicle width. What's more, the long slide mechanism on the front center seat makes it possible to position the seat well back of the instrument panel and any deploying airbags, permitting the safer installation of a child seat1. This 3x2 layout enables passengers to flexibly position their seats based on the number and relationship of the occupants, creating a new type of communication space that allows occupants of the front and rear rows to share the same view and conversation. 

Edix's 3x2 minivan style offers numerous other advantages as well, such as a short, wide stance that helps create a dynamic, wedge-style exterior and a spacious, modern interior with a high quality feel. Further, despite the modest overall length, the Edix's wide tread ensures stable handling and a smooth ride, combined with versatile seating that provides ample cargo space, even with six passengers on board.

  • *The name ‘Edix’ combines the words ‘edit’ and ‘six’, expressing the concept of a ‘six’-passenger minivan that allows occupants to freely ‘edit’ their interior environment for maximum enjoyment.
  • 1.Except infant seat. Accommodates a child or junior seat up to 460mm in width. A child seat can only be installed with the rear center seat slid back and the front center seat in the rear-most position.
Edix 20X (option-equipped vehicle

Edix 20X (option-equipped vehicle)

3x2 package concept (20X option-equipped vehicle)

3x2 package concept
(20X option-equipped vehicle)

Monthly sales target (Japan): 4,000 units
●Manufacturer’s suggested retail price   
Type Engine Transmission Drive Price(consumption tax incl.) Price(pre-tax)  
20X 2.0L
5AT FF ¥2,016,000 ¥1,920,000
20X 4WD 4AT 4WD ¥2,205,000 ¥2,100,000  
17X 1.7L
4AT FF ¥1,785,000 ¥1,700,000  
17X 4WD 4WD ¥1,995,000 ¥1,900,000  
  • *Price shown does not include insurance fees, taxes (except consumption tax), or registration fees.
  • *Premium White Pearl body color: +¥31,500 (pre-tax: ¥30,000)
  • Body colors(seven colors, including two new ones):
    Crystal Aqua Metallic (new color); Sparkle Gray Pearl (new color); Satin Silver Metallic; Premium White Pearl; Milano Red; Vivid Blue Pearl; Nighthawk Black Pearl
  • Manufacturer options (pre-tax price indicated in parentheses):
・Honda HDD Navigation System + Progressive Commander,
with voice recognition and rear camera: (available on all types)
+¥315,000 (¥300,000)
・In-dash 6-CD changer + AM/FM tuner + 6 speakers:
(available on 20X and 20X 4WD)
+¥42,000 (¥40,000)
・Honda Smart Card Key System:
(available on all types; available as option in combination with immobilizer on 17X and 17X 4WD )
+¥52,500 (¥50,000)
(available as option in combination with Honda Smart Card Key System on 17X and 17X 4WD; standard equipment on 20X and 20X 4WD)
+¥15,750 (¥15,000)
・HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlights (hi/low beams):
(available on all types)
+¥52,500 (50,000)
・Front i-side airbag system + side curtain airbag system:
(available on all types)
+¥84,000 (¥80,000)
・Rain-sensing windshield wipers + hydrophilic, heated side mirrors
+ front-door water-repellant glass: (available on all types)
+¥31,500 (30,000)
・16-inch aluminum wheels:
(available as option on 17X and 17X 4WD; standard equipment on 20X and 20X 4WD)
+¥73,500 (¥70,000)
・No-audio configuration:
(available on all types)
-¥21,000 (-¥20,000)
  • *Some manufacturer options cannot be combined, while other manufacturer options may only be offered in combination.

●Key Features
< Packaging and Utility >

  • Six independent seats are arranged in two rows of three with the front and rear center seats mounted on long slides that allow for a unique, V-pattern seat layout. In determining the position of the front center seat's slide, careful consideration was given to the safety of child occupants and driver control in the event of an accident. The long slide length (270mm2) means that the seat is not only capable of accommodating a child in a child seat3, but also permits three occupants to ride comfortably abreast with their shoulders staggered for extra room.
  • When slid back, the front center seat forms an intermediate row between the front and rear rows, bringing front and rear occupants closer together, and making conversation easier. This creates a more unified communication environment than the conventional layout, which only encourages communication between those sitting next to each other.
  • The seat frame width is more compact, while the seat surface width and thickness have been maintained to ensure comfort. Pillars are positioned upright to provide ample head clearance, while a flat floor ensures plenty of legroom for three to ride side-by-side in comfort, without adding unduly to overall vehicle width.
  • Although the Edix is relatively short, the 3×2 layout is used to full advantage to secure an ample luggage space of 439 liters4 , even with six people on board. Further, the three independent, one-touch fold-flat rear seats can be easily stowed to create a variety of seating arrangements. Folding all the rear seats down flat creates a maximum luggage space of 1,049 liters5-enough room to accommodate three 26-inch mountain bikes-while still providing seating for three up front. Or the front and rear center seats can be folded down to accommodate long objects, even with four people on board. The Edix offers a wide range of convenient seating arrangements.
  • With the seatback folded down, the front center seat converts into an extra-large, combination armrest and tray, which creates a relaxing, comfortable space for the driver and passenger when two are riding on the front seat. Other convenient features incorporated into the versatile front center seat include an inner double tray and an under-seat box.
  • 2.Honda in-house measurement
  • 3.Except infant seat. Accommodates a child or junior seat up to 460mm in width. A child seat can only be installed with the rear center seat slid back and the front center seat in the rear-most position.
  • 4.Honda in-house measurement according to VDA formula with rear center seat in front-most position
  • 5.Honda in-house measurement according to VDA formula

●Exterior Design

  • Based on a theme of 'sporty & dynamic', the 3×2 minivan style takes full advantage of the short-yet-spacious design made possible by the 3×2 package.
  • The short body adds emphasis to the wedge shape of the Edix, which creates a dynamic, powerful, crouching-style side profile.
  • The front bumper angle has been lowered to create a solid look, with an aggressive front view that emphasizes the presence of the protruding nose.
  • The molded roof-end with an angled cut-off combines with the lateral-keynote design that emphasizes the vehicle's low center-of-gravity and wide stance, to create a dynamic rear view that suggests both nimbleness and stability.
  • The body design positions the wheels at the four corners to highlight the vehicle's wide stance.
  • The design of the front headlights and rear combination lights employs edges to impart a sharpness of detail that brings together the body's solid feel.

●Interior Design

  • The 3×2 package embraces occupants in a high-quality interior that promotes pleasant communication and relaxation.
  • The instrument panel employs a spacious, lateral-keynote design to emphasize the breadth of the cabin interior. The entire lower portion of the instrument panel has been cut back to open up a spacious foot well, while the center panel employs a minimum of uneven surfaces to maximize front center-seat passenger safety. These and other design features create a more comfortable interior space.
  • Decorative paneling on the instrument panel that responds to ambient light with a deep lustrous sheen is just one example of quality that extends to every detail.
  • The six independent seats are designed in the image of modern chairs placed around a living room.
  • Three interior colors, orange-tone Espresso (with center seats shaded slightly lighter to emphasize the independence of the six seats), Warm Gray, and Black, are available. Interior colors can be freely mixed and matched with the seven body colors.

<Engine & Transmission>

  • The Edix is equipped with one of two engines. One is a 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine that combines Honda's unique Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) with Variable Timing Control (VTC), which continuously optimizes intake valve timing in response to engine load. The other is a 1.7-liter VTEC engine, which combines fuel economy with nimble driving performance. 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine Max. output: 115kW (156PS) / Max. torque: 188N-m (19.2kg-m)6 1.7-liter VTEC engine Max. output: 96kW (130PS) / Max. torque: 155N-m (15.8kg-m)7
  • The 20X is equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission to take full advantage of the i-VTEC engine's performance characteristics. It combines smooth acceleration with excellent fuel economy and quiet operation. Other models are equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission that delivers torquey performance along with superior fuel economy.
  • 6.Net values (20X, 20X 4WD)
  • 7.Net values (17X, 17X 4WD)

<Chassis & Body >

  • The vehicle's wide tread-a prominent feature of the 3×2 package-allows all occupants to be positioned within the wheelbase, for a balanced ride with little front-rear load shifting. This results in outstanding handling stability and a supple ride.
  • The front toe-control link strut suspension and the rear reactive-link double-wishbone suspension use the stability of the wide tread to full advantage to maintain superb handling stability with slightly softer settings, for a pliant, comfortable ride.
  • The use of a large-cross-section floor frame that employs parallel-cross construction to reinforce the body frame, along with careful attention to improved rigidity, contributes to increased handling stability and ride comfort.
  • High-tensile steel is employed for its superior strength in key sections of the body frame for both higher rigidity and lighter weight. Use of high-tensile steel results in a weight reduction of approximately 30kg compared to when standard materials are used.
  • Stronger body materials, the use of lighter insulators, and optimized engine mounts and sound insulation materials combine to promote a quiet interior environment, for more enjoyable communication.
  • The wide tread permits a large turning angle for the front wheels, resulting in a minimum turning radius of 4.9m8-top in its class for 1.7-liter and 2.0-liter minivans.
  • 8.Value for 17X and 17X 4WD. Vehicles equipped with manufacturer's optional 16-inch aluminum wheels and the 20X and 20X 4WD have a turning radius of 5.2m.

<Safety Performance>

  • The front center seat is designed to be positioned posterior to the driver and front side passenger seats regardless of slide position, securing enough distance from the instrument panel to safely install a junior child seat. The long slide mechanism also ensures ample distance from passenger seat airbag at time of deployment. This creates an environment similar to that of a back seat, allowing for the installation of a forward-facing child seat in the front center seat when the slide is in the rear-most position.
  • ISO FIX-compatible child seat anchoring bars and tether anchors are standard on the front center seat, as well as on the left and right rear seats. All three rear seats and the front center seat are also equipped with ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) seat belts to facilitate the installation of non ISO FIX-compatible child seats.
  • All six seats are equipped with 3-point seat belts. On the front center seat, the seat belt is built in and the seat and seat mounts are reinforced, ensuring enhanced safety to go with the long slide mechanism.
  • An extra-large, combination 'side-and-center' passenger side SRS airbag (standard equipment) protects passengers in both the side and center front passenger seats.
  • The Edix is equipped with a front-seat i-side airbag system and side curtain airbag system9.
  • Honda's original G-CON (G-force Control) technology is incorporated to create a body with a crash safety design that is among the best in the world. It can withstand a 55km/h full-frontal collision, a 64km/h front offset collision, 55km/h side collision, and a 50km/h rear collision. To further improve safety in real-world collisions, Honda has implemented its own vehicle-to-vehicle collision testing program10 with its own independently established standards. This collision testing is much more demanding than conventional tests, in which the car is crashed into a fixed barrier. The safety design of the Edix meets even these stringent testing requirements.
  • The pedestrian injury reduction body is designed to absorb the impact to a pedestrian's head and lower limbs in the event of an accident, reducing injury severity.
  • 9.Manufacturer's option available as a set on all types
  • 10.Testing involves a 50% front offset collision with a 2-ton class passenger car, both vehicles traveling at 50km/h.

< Environmental Performance >

  • High-precision fuel-air ratio control and an large-sized catalytic converter significantly reduce atmospheric pollutants (HC, NOx). All types meet or exceed Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport exhaust emissions regulations for 2005. Specifically, the 20X is certified as providing 75% cleaner emissions than required by 2005 exhaust emissions standards, while the 17X exceeds 2005 standards by 50%.
  • Valve control, optimized ignition timing, and other high-efficiency combustion technologies, along with precise transmission control, contribute to the outstanding fuel efficiency of the Edix. The 17X delivers fuel economy rated 5% above 2010 standards, while the 17X 4WD and the 20X conform to 2010 standards.

Fuel consumption when driven in 10-15 mode (Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport calculations):

2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine: 13.0km/Liter (20X) 12.2km/Liter (20X 4WD)
1.7-liter VTEC engine: 13.8km/Liter (17X) 13.2km/Liter (17X 4WD)
  • Honda has eliminated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from interior and exterior plastic components wherever possible. Meanwhile, the use of highly recyclable plastics has resulted in over 90%11 recyclability.
  • Use of lead has also been reduced to less than 10% of 1996 levels.
  • Honda is aiming to eliminate the use of hexavalent chromium, and is steadily reducing its use. It has already stopped using metallic coating in the plating of fuel filler pipes and brackets.
  • 11.According to independent Honda measurement standards