Honda Motorcycle


COM category
  • Masngudin


    It was a very beautiful moment for me. I never thought I would win.
    I would definitely like to participate in the next contest.

    Daya Adicipta Motora

    Winner interview

  • Xing


    I am delighted to receive this award.
    I would like to further enhance my skills in my work and achieve better and better results.

    Honda Wing Luzhou

  • Nguyen
    To Bo


    I did not expect to receive this award. This award is the result of all the support from the staff at Honda Vietnam, dealers, and my whole family.
    I learned a lot from technicians from other countries, so I would like to share it with my colleagues in Vietnam.

    Vu Hoang Le

FUN category
  • Wu


    It was my pleasure to be able to demonstrate all the hard work I have been putting in until now.
    I will further refine my skills and apply them to my work.

    Lung Yang Motor Co.,Ltd Kaohsiung

    Winner interview

  • Jos Pols


    I am very proud to be a part of this contest. And I was also pleased with the ways everyone at Honda prepared for it.
    To be able to bring home such a good result makes me very happy, and it was a lot of fun.

    Pols Motoren

  • Sakata


    I appreciate this opportunity to participate in the global technical contest. It was my good luck to receive the award and I am so delighted.
    If I could have another chance to participate in the global technical contest next time, I would like to win.

    Honda Dream Takatsuki