Honda began selling outboard motors to power small boats in 1964. At the time, the mainstream market was for two-stroke engines, which were light and inexpensive, but had the environmental disadvantage of discharging engine oil into the water. Against this backdrop, Honda dared to enter the outboard engine market with a four-stroke engine. This was based on the philosophy of our founder that "watercraft should not pollute the water. " Since then, Honda has consistently focused on making four-stroke outboard motors that are superior in environmental performance, quality, and durability to meet various needs worldwide, from pleasure applications such as fishing and cruising to professional applications such as fishing, tourism, and coast guard. Today, three-quarters of the world's outboard motor market has been converted to four-stroke outboard motors, and Honda outboard motors are highly regarded by customers. Honda will continue to provide clean, high-performance products and services to meet customer needs and expand the joy and fun of being on the water.

Major Global Models

  • BF2.3


  • BF20


  • BF60


  • BF100


  • BF150


  • BF250


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