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Honda R&D Co., Ltd. was separated in 1960 as an independent research and development entity from Honda Motor Co., Ltd. established in 1948. We have created a lot of value by realizing a free R&D environment that is not affected by short-term business performance. “Honda R&D researches humans.” “When what people need is found out, the technology is needed.” Being based on the ideas of Soichiro Honda, our founder, we have been developing the technologies useful for people. The technologies serve one’s need, make his or her dream come true, and spread the total sum of joys, which will ultimately make the world a better place. It is our universal idea that we have fully followed till now, and that we will follow in the future as well.

As the driving forces to support Honda, the roles and missions of Honda R&D are to strive for the expansion of the customers’ joys through pure/applied research of new technologies and their development, as well as through the research and development of the products with new value. Honda will produce new creative and innovative technologies to lead the world.
The important efforts have been focused on “three pillars, i.e., clean energy shift and resource circulation in addition to carbon neutrality toward a society with zero environmental impact” in the environmental area, as well as on “zero traffic accident fatalities” in the safety area and on the “creation of new value” through the explorations of the unknown world.

The technology development that we have been addressing is not easy. Many times the things do not work out, but I believe anything is possible. If anything could be impossible, it is just because some researchers give up in most cases. It is important to think about why things are not going well, to repeat challenges without giving up, and to find out the essence. Doing this will surely bring the researchers closer to the solutions, and this process will create technologies and nurture the researchers.

While the world moves much faster and more unpredictably than ever before, we are going to tackle the issues and create the future by taking on various challenges, not by maintaining the status quo.

Keiji Otsu President and Representative Director
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.