Corporate Development

Operations to Maximize the Capabilities of Research & Development of the Whole Honda R&D

In “Corporate Development Center, “Planning Division” plays a role as a control room of the whole Honda R&D, and the “Administration Division” builds the advanced management system by gathering, optimizing, and maximizing various resources. In addition, the “Prototype Fabrication Division” makes every effort to lead and accelerate the research and development by the evolution of prototype technologies, together with the research and development related to energy. We are introducing the research and development activities of the “Prototype Fabrication Division” as shown below.

“Monozukuri” in Advanced Technology Areas

“Prototype Fabrication Division” is an organization that embodies the designs and ideas in advanced technology areas. In order to create the products with new value for the future, it is essential to realize highly advanced "monozukuri" (i.e., manufacturing). Standing at the forefront of manufacturing in Honda R&D, we are making various efforts to realize our vision of “providing everyone with the ‘joy of expanding the possibilities of various lives.’” For example, with the goal of zero environmental impact in manufacturing, we are also striving to develop new technologies and improve prototype manufacturing technologies by virtual-real fusion.