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Rev Match Control System

Automatic Engine Rev Synchronization Control for Gear Changes

Rev Match Control System

Rev Match Control System Realizing Smooth Manual Gear Shifts Like a Skilled Driver

One of the pleasures of driving a manual transmission car is the joy when shifting into just the right gear at the right instant, and the car becomes an extension of the driver.

Honda's Rev Match Control System enhances the manual transmission experience by automatically optimizing engine revs to match the intended gear, realizing car stability through smooth gear changes.

By automating rev matching, a technique requiring much practice, the driver can now concentrate more on steering and braking.


Automatic Blipping Realizes Gear ChangesAllowing Driver to Concentrate on Sports Driving

One sports driving technique that allows the car to drive through turns faster is "heel-and-toe." The driver depresses the brake pedal using his toe while simultaneously depressing the accelerator pedal with his heel to "blip" the engine revs and smoothly engage in the desired lower gear, enabling sharp acceleration out of a turn. Heel-and-toe does require, however, a lot of practice to become proficient.

Honda’s Rev Match Control System automatically calculates the optimum engine revs and "blips" when the driver downshifts, realizing a driving experience equivalent to precise heel-and-toe operations.

When upshifting, the system prevents engine revs dropping even if the driver is late in engaging the clutch, by synchronizing engine revs to the higher gear, realizing a smooth, ever-increasing acceleration when shifting through 3rd, 4th and 5th gears.

Gear Shift Immediately Sensed toOptimize Engine Revs

The Rev Match Control System uses data from the clutch pedal’s stroke sensor, the transmission’s neutral position sensor and transmission rev sensor to constantly monitor the car’s driving status and the driver’s operations.

When shifting gears, the driver depresses the clutch pedal, shifting the gear via the neutral position. The resulting change in transmission revs alerts the system of the driver’s gear change operation, and the transmission’s revs determine whether the gear was shifted up or down.

Further, the system also accommodates the skipping of gears, such as 1st gear to 3rd, or 5th gear to 2nd, providing the joy of driving a manual transmission to a wide range of drivers, from novices to experienced drivers.

3 Mode Drive System-linked Control Ensures
Optimal Performance Tuned to Driving Conditions

+R Mode

The Rev Match Control System was added to driving mode functionality and first introduced with the Civic Type R released in 2017, giving the highly acclaimed sports model an unrivaled direct acceleration feel and smooth deceleration.

By linking control of the Rev Match Control System and 3 Mode Drive System, the driver can enjoy performance and control under any driving condition.

+R Mode

+R mode
More direct and immediate downshift blipping response


Smoother downshift blipping response with less shift shock / shudder

The Rev Match Control System can be turned completely off by the driver.