CES 2018 - International Consumer Electronics Show


CES 2018 3E Concept 3E-A18 & 3E-B18

CES 2018 3E-A18 Technical Explanation

A Robot with Compassion, Empathizes with People

The 3E-A18 is a communication robot concept developed with “empathy” as its theme, to have compassion toward and blend in with people’s lives.

Equipped with CI, the 3E-A18 supports people’s activities through recognizing emotions, and communicating with rich facial expressions, sound, and movement.

Its soft exterior skin and rounded design is comfortable when touched or hugged, yet designed for safety in case of collision. With its balance control technology and omni-directional movement realized through Honda extensive robotics research, the 3E-A18 can handle a collision from any direction, and move smoothly alongside people.

Models exhibited, specifications, etc. may change without notice.