Honda Report 2023Integrated Report

The Honda Report 2023 summarizes Honda’s medium- to long-term initiatives to enhance its corporate value from both financial and non-financial perspectives.

This website is an excerpt from the full report. In addition to messages from Honda’s global CEO, this integrated report includes introduction of Honda’s vision.

Honda's Future Vision

CEO Message

The Power of Dreams, How we move you.

Powered by dreams, what does Honda aspire to achieve?
What value do we offer our customers? How does Honda create this value? These questions define the core of our corporate endeavors.

Value Creation Process

The future mobility Honda dreams of will create a joy and freedom of mobility that enables people to transcend the constraints of time and place, and augment their every possibility. Here are the specific initiatives about Honda's value creation process.


Corporate Strategy

We aim to expand our economic value by pursuing social value and chart a new growth trajectory as a company.

To realize our vision of who we are should be, we have defined key themes and materialities that we will focus on, to incorporate into effective scenarios so that each and every one of us at Honda will do our utmost to move in the same direction.

Financial Strategy

Through strategic resource allocation in accordance with the business transformation phase, we aim to realize enhanced corporate value.

Honda will achieve a company-wide ROS target of 7% or more by 2025, and strengthen its financial base. Honda will also secure free cash flow, increase dividends, and repurchase shares to achieve transformation toward its second founding phase and meet stakeholders’ expectations.

Electrification Business Strategy

Honda will continue to promote electrification through unique products and services.

While accelerating efforts to achieve zero environmental impact and zero traffic accident fatalities to eliminate concerns about mobility, Honda will continue to pursue the joy of driving that it has always cultivated. Honda will continue to pursue the joy of using and the joy of connection, to create new mobility experiences that will surprise, move, and inspire confidence in each and every customer.

Challenges in New Fields

Exploring Unknown Fields to Achieve Further Growth

We are committed to improving our innovation management, driven by our belief that the development of core technologies lays the groundwork for sustainable business and competitiveness. This commitment aligns with our values of “Transcend” and “Augment,” guiding us towards their realization.

Bussiness Strategy

Honda will deliver them as attractive and distinctly Honda-like products and services to our customers.

In each of its core business fields of automobiles, motorcycles, and power products, Honda presents new values by providing UX in tune with diversifying customer values. Honda will continue to provide new values for mobility and lifestyles based on products that are unmistakably Honda.

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Value Creation Story


  • Honda Philosophy
  • Sources of Value Creation by Numbers
  • Global Brand Slogan
  • CEO Message
  • Value Creation Process
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Financial Strategy

Business Strategy


  • Electrification Business Strategy
  • Automobile Business Strategy
  • Motorcycle Business Strategy
  • Power Products Business Strategy

5 Key Themes


  • ■ To Realize a Zero Environmental Impact Society
    Environmental Strategy
  • ■ To Realize a Zero Traffic Collision Society
    Safety Strategy
  • ■ The Evolution of Human Capital Management
    Human Capital Strategy
  • ■ Creation of Innovative Technologies
    Challenges in New Fields
  • ■ Brand Value Enhancement
    Enhancement of Consistent Brand Management



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