Value Creation Process

Since its founding, Honda has continued its corporate activities stemming from the Honda Philosophy. The driving force behind this philosophy is the power of each individual's dreams. And today, Honda envisions its goal as the creation of the joy and freedom of mobility, and empowering people to move toward their dreams. To achieve this goal, Honda will realize the mobility of its dreams founded upon its creativity (Create), which will possess the two values of freedom (Transcend) and expansion (Augment). ”Transcend” is the freedom from restrictions, to be more convenient, unrestricted, and faster. “Augment” is the expansion of all human possibilities, such as the ability to do things that were not possible, such as going places that were unreachable by humans on their own. With these two values, Honda yearns to serve its customers and society with all of its types of mobility. “How we move you” not only refers mobility in the physical sense, but how Honda moves people’s hearts, becoming the power for them to take the first step toward their dreams. Those people will influence those around them, creating new bonds, expanding the dreams throughout society. Honda believes in the unlimited power of dreams weaving the world together, and wants to be the power that helps the world to realize these dreams.