CEO Message

The Power of Dreams
– How we move you. –

Director, President and Representative
Executive Office Toshihiro Mibe

Unchanging Passion Since Our Founding

Since its founding, Honda has been driven by its “dreams.” Above all else, we value original ideas, technologies and design, which derive from our unwavering passion and out-of-the-box thinking, and Honda has grown by fearlessly taking on challenges to realize what was thought to be impossible. Through the creation of diverse forms of mobility, Honda aims to become the “power” that supports people around the world who are trying to do things based on their own initiative, including those who take on new challenges and others who are trying to make changes to themselves and the society they live in. In doing so, Honda has been providing value that contributes to the advancement of mobility and people’s daily lives.
As environmental awareness rises and digital technology rapidly advances, the automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-onehundred- years transformation that is characterized by swift changes. However, even in this era of a major transformation, the long-standing passion of Honda remains unchanged. Honda will strive to be a company people and society want to exist into the future by becoming the driving force for those who are determined to take new steps based on their own initiative.
We believe that mobility is a fundamental human desire. Our relentless pursuit of advancing mobility, spanning automobiles, motorcycles, power products, aircraft and more, enhances the “temporal and spatial value” of mobility, and expands people’s life’s potential. When more people are “connected” through mobility, we can generate greater “power,” which leads us to the creation of a better society. We believe it is Honda’s mission to realize such a future.
On another front, in order to contribute to society as a mobilityfocused company, we must sincerely address difficult challenges of achieving “zero environmental impact” and “absolute safety.”
By realizing the future mobility Honda dreams of and a mobility society people desire, while addressing societal values in the areas of the environment and safety, Honda aspires to chart a new trajectory of growth as a company.
Amidst this era of significant transformation, which we position as the “second founding” of Honda, we have made progress toward various initiatives. However, in order for all of us at Honda to work together cohesively toward a common purpose at an accelerated speed, we recognized the importance of re-clarifying “what we truly strive for.”

Honda’s Future Vision

Honda Global Brand Slogan – The Power of Dreams – is a simple and most straightforward expression of the fact that the dreams of each and every one of us working together at Honda have always been the driving force of Honda. Driven by dreams, what is Honda striving to achieve? What value is Honda going to offer to its customers? How will Honda create such value? Answers to these questions are the core of everything we do as a company, thus we decided to define what Honda truly strives for and communicate it more clearly to both internal and external stakeholders.
In contemplating this, we revisited the essential value of every mobility product and service Honda has offered to date. Consequently, we arrived at the conclusion that there are two value propositions Honda wants to continue offering – One is to enable people to “transcend various constraints such as time and place,” and the other is to enable people to “augment their abilities and possibilities.”
The future mobility we dream of and a mobility society people desire lie ahead of us as we continue to thoroughly pursue these value propositions. Grounded in this notion, we expressed the value Honda will continue to offer to its customers with two key words: “Transcend” and “Augment.”
The future mobility we dream of and a mobility society people desire lie ahead of us as we continue to thoroughly pursue these value propositions. Grounded in this notion, we expressed the value Honda will continue to offer to its customers with two key words: “Transcend” and “Augment.”
The other facet, “Augment,” signifies “expansion.” By skillfully maneuvering new forms of mobility, we can travel faster and farther. We can reach places that were previously beyond human reach. We can effortlessly move heavy objects and perform intricate tasks swiftly. Through various forms of mobility, the ability to do what was previously impossible can be said to be a value that “augmenting people’s possibilities.”
“Transcend” conveys the meaning of “go beyond the limits.” Throughout our history, Honda has consistently offered the value of increased “convenience,” “freedom,” and “speed” via mobility. This value can be interpreted as enabling people to transcend various constraints that interfere with their mobility.
Especially, time is an absolute constraint for most people. Mobility products and services that enable more efficient utilization of the universally granted 24 hours, 365 days have immeasurable value. Through the creation of diverse mobility products and services which will be combined to realize seamless mobility, and with our advanced technologies such as automated driving technologies, Honda will create the value of “transcending the constraints of time.”
In addition, Honda will also pursue the creation of the value of “transcending the constraints of place” – with our aircraft products including eVTOL, which will make “three-dimensional mobility” available for people, through our challenges in the field of space technology, and with our avatar robots that people can control while traversing physical distances. Under the key word of “transcend,” we will vigorously pursue various initiatives with an aim to provide customers with the significant value of transcending the constraints of time and place.
The other key word, “Augment,” signifies “making something greater.” By controlling new mobility products at our will, we can travel faster and farther. We can reach places that were previously beyond human reach. We can effortlessly move heavy objects, and we can also perform intricate tasks swiftly. If people become capable of doing something that they could not do before through the use of various mobility products and services Honda offers, we can say that we provide the value of “augmenting people’s possibilities.” We believe that “what people can do” is infinitely augmentable by enhancing people’s physical and cognitive capabilities and optimizing them for various purposes through the use of a variety of mobility products and services which leverage digital technology. With our original ideas and technologies, Honda will strive to enable people around the world to augment their possibilities.
Furthermore, another key word of our Global Brand Slogan is “Create,” which conveys the message that it is the creativity of each and every one of us at Honda that becomes the key to creating the value proposition of Honda. With the key word of “Create,” all of us who work together at Honda will set high goals and take on challenges without being afraid of changes, to “create” something which will generate new value for our customers.
Our creative power fueled by our dreams will generate the value proposition of Honda represented by the two key words: “Transcend” and “Augment.” Such value we offer will move people, inspire people and become the “power” to support people who take one step closer to their dreams. As the “power” of people who embarked on their dream-filled journeys gains momentum and spreads to the people around them, it will create new connections and realize an expanse of dreams throughout our society. Honda always believes in the power of such infinite dreams that people pursue all around the world, and we want to be the “power” to help people realize their dreams.
With these aspirations for the future, we have added a new tagline – How we move you. – which follows the “The Power of Dreams” in our Global Brand Slogan. This tagline encapsulates the double meaning of “moving people physically” as a mobility company and “moving people’s hearts” through the value we provide.
We will continue our commitment to carry out our corporate activities while striving to move people, inspire people, and spread dreams throughout the world.

Toward the Realization of the Value Proposition of Honda

At Honda, we believe that every associate should be an individual who is driven by their intrinsic motivation and wants to realize their own dreams by demonstrating their abilities, individuality and creativity to the fullest. As I mentioned earlier, the wellspring of the two value propositions we aim to offer is “the power of dreams” and the “creativity” of each and every associate. When the strong individualities of Honda associates collide, and their diverse knowledge and dreams interact with each other, they evolve into greater knowledge and more profound dreams. This synthesis manifests as “creation,” generating value. Pursuing this vision, we will seek to establish an environment where everyone who works at Honda can fully demonstrate their abilities.
To this end, we are asking the following question to ourselves.
• Can each of us find meaning in our work and be passionate about our own work?
• Are we clear about what we want to do, our dreams, our aspirations and our future goals? Are we fully committed to pursuing them?
• Are there work environments and support systems which encourage us to take on such challenges?
• At every workplace, are we pursuing the very essence of things, having candid and unreserved discussions involving diverse individuals and conducting collaborative knowledge creation?
Guided by these perspectives, we will comprehensively reassess every element that shapes our corporate culture, including the decisionmaking process, approaches to our work and our personnel systems. Through such internal changes, we will strive to establish an organization capable of realizing “The Power of Dreams.”

Toward the Realization of Dreams

My dream is to realize a world where mobility products bearing the Honda logos are traveling all around the world, on the ground, in the ocean, in the skies and into outer space, and people are enjoying the true freedom of mobility. I envision that Honda mobility products and services will create more time and space where people can enjoy freedom, and such temporal and spatial value of our mobility will further unlock human potential, becoming the driving force to transform our society.
Each and every one of us working at Honda has a variety of dreams, which will be the starting point of our creativity. By leading our creativity in the right direction, we will maximize the limitless “power of dreams.” By creating a link between such power of dreams and the value proposition of Honda – Transcending and Augmenting – we will offer attractive products and services unique to Honda. Leading this process is the role I assume as the Global CEO of Honda. In today’s society, where people’s values are increasingly diverse, this challenge will undoubtedly be formidable. However, I believe that the greater the challenge, the more worthwhile it is for us to take on.
Toward a future filled with dreams and hopes, our journey of challenge will continue. Please keep your expectations high for the dream-inspiring mobility products and services Honda will create for the joy and freedom of mobility.