"Have you ever heard of motorcycle diagnostic equipment?"

Hello, everyone.

In recent years, all kinds of new features have been added to motorcycles to make them more convenient and attractive.
On the other hand, with the installation of so many new electrical components, motorcycle structures are becoming more and more complex. This means expertise and specialized tools have become indispensable for accurate inspection and diagnosis.

In this issue, we would like to introduce the Motorcycle Communication System (MCS), a diagnostic system developed by us at Honda and provided to our dealers.

MCS: Motorcycle Communication System is our all-encompassing term for a diagnostic system that includes software for computers and communication equipment. This red box is a communication interface, which is primarily responsible for connecting the motorcycle to a computer.

Park With the Front of the Bike Facing Uphill

The communication interface can be used to obtain data about the vehicle.

Park With the Front of the Bike Facing Uphill

By bringing up data on the computer, we can check the health of the vehicle.
In the unlikely event of an abnormality, the diagnostic code provided can be used to quickly and reliably identify the cause of the problem.
Based on this information, the service mechanic will take appropriate action.

When Parking With the Side Stand Facing Uphill or Downhill

Diagnosis using the MCS will output a result in a report format that looks like this.
Knowing the health of your beloved bike really helps give peace of mind!

Extend the side stand and hold the front brake (if the bike has fallen to the right)

Did you know that tools like these are used at Honda dealers?

Honda dealers have implemented a range of tools, including MCS, to deliver a reliable level of maintenance quality to our customers.

If you have any concerns about your vehicle, we encourage you to consult with your local dealer.