CES 2020

Smartphone as Brain

Honda and Drivemode jointly developed “Smartphone as Brain” technology, which provides a safe and convenient way for drivers or motorcycle riders to integrate their smartphones into the driving and riding experience while minimizing distraction. For instance, riders can connect their smartphone and motorcycle by Bluetooth, enabling them to control their smartphone either using switches on the steering handles or voice recognition. Honda acquired Drivemode in October 2019, and will demonstrate Smartphone as Brain technology at CES. 

Honda introduces a near-future connected concept where the world of mobility is connected through the smartphone.

Honda Xcelerator

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with satellites in Detroit, Boston, Canada, Europe, Israel, China and Japan, Honda Xcelerator is an open innovation program for innovators across all funding stages who seek to collaborate with Honda and create transformative new technologies and businesses. Honda created the program to engage innovators in an open and supportive environment. Honda Xcelerator offers funding for rapid prototyping, collaborative workspaces, pairing with Honda mentors.

Models exhibited, specifications, etc. may change without notice.