CES 2020

Honda Personal Assistant Technology

Honda and SoundHound Inc. have developed a voice-enabled AI conversational assistant – Honda Personal Assistant – to support drivers and enable a comfortable mobility experience. SoundHound Inc.’s Houndify voice AI platform includes patented Speech-to-Meaning™ and Deep Meaning Understanding™ technologies to deliver unprecedented speed and accuracy in voice recognition and responses, and an ability to understand context, such as the user's location or previous queries, to support natural interactions. Using the custom wake word “OK Honda” developed by SoundHound Inc., Honda Personal Assistant connects people with their mobility products and realizes a seamless world where various functions are controlled by voice only.

Honda Xcelerator collaborates with SoundHound Inc. to develop the "OK Honda" personal assistant technology.

Honda Xcelerator

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with satellites in Detroit, Boston, Canada, Europe, Israel, China and Japan, Honda Xcelerator is an open innovation program for innovators across all funding stages who seek to collaborate with Honda and create transformative new technologies and businesses. Honda created the program to engage innovators in an open and supportive environment. Honda Xcelerator offers funding for rapid prototyping, collaborative workspaces, pairing with Honda mentors.

Models exhibited, specifications, etc. may change without notice.