CES 2019

Honda Dream Drive

Honda Dream Drive is a suite of apps (for the driver, and for the passenger)  developed by Honda Developer Studio* and its partners, based on the “In-Vehicle Payment” and “Dream Drive” concepts announced at CES 2017.

Honda Dream Drive: Driver
Honda Dream Drive: Driver is a driver-focused application that allows the customer to make restaurant reservations, and pay for goods and services like fuel, movie tickets and parking, all from the car’s navigation system.

Honda Dream Drive: Passenger
Honda Dream Drive: Passenger offers mixed reality games that move with the car, as well as entertainment such as movies, from the passenger’s mobile device. 

For details on Honda's development efforts with its partners, see "Honda Dream Drive to Deliver Next-Generation Infotainment, Commerce, Services and Rewards to Drivers and Passengers" (press release). Honda is also seeking more partners to develop road-ready applications.

  • *Honda Developer Studio: an online portal and open innovation workspace operated by Honda R&D Innovations to enable developers to work directly with Honda engineers to create apps that are road-ready more quickly. 
Honda Dream Drive

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