Making extensive efforts to attain its environmental and safety goals
as well as addressing the sustainability of society and Honda


Honda’s Sustainability


Since its founding, Honda has continuously worked to provide a variety of value from a high perspective, aiming to create a better society
through our technologies, ideas and designs.
Honda is committed to setting and achieving high standards in sustainability as well.


Integrated Report

Sustainability Report

Environmental/Safety Initiatives

- Toward the realization of the new targets for 2050 -

Honda's “Triple Action to ZERO” initiative aims for a recycling-based society with zero environmental impact.

To realize an accident-free society, Honda implements safety initiatives based on the three elements of human capabilities, mobility performance, and traffic ecosystems.

Relations with Society

- As a company addressing local community needs and holding respect for the individual -

Aiming to create a future societies in which everyone can pursue their dreams, Honda is engaged in a variety of activities in Japan and also around the world that emphasize the connection with the community.

Honda considers diversity to be a matter that affects all employees. Therefore, it promotes policies and initiatives to motivate diverse individuals to perform.

ESG-Related Information

- A global company with high responsibility for environment, society and governance -

In order to earn the trust of our stakeholders and achieve sustainable growth, we must not only comply with laws and regulations, but also practice honest and ethical behavior.
We established the Honda Code of Conduct and shared it throughout the Group, including subsidiaries in Japan and overseas.

Contributing to the Achievement of the SDGs

- Achieving goals through business activities -

Honda will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through its corporate activities,
which provide increased value to mobility and people’s daily lives.

Sustainability News