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Aiming to Bring Reassurance and Satisfaction to Customers

“We have to aim for 120% product quality. If 99% of the products we make are perfect it would seem like a pretty good record. However, the customers who become owners of the remaining 1% will surely consider their products 100% defective. It is unacceptable that even one customer in a thousand - even one customer in ten thousand - should receive a defective product. This is why we have to aim for 120%.” These words of founder Soichiro Honda define the company's fundamental approach to quality, or, more specifically, what it means to strive to be a company society wants to exist. Determined to meet or exceed the expectations of customers, Honda is undertaking new initiatives to meet high product quality standards.

Adhering to these objectives, Honda's commitment is to strengthen customer trust by offering products founded on safety and a new level of outstanding quality. To this end, Honda has created the Honda Quality Cycle which works continuously on quality enhancement and improvement, encompassing every stage in the process - from planning, development, production, and sales to after-sales service.

In order to realize the basic principles of 'Respect for the Individual' and 'The Three Joys' (the joy of buying, the joy of selling, the joy of creating), Honda has confirmed being number one in customer satisfaction in all points of contact as a primary objective. Honda works in collaboration with dealers to satisfy customers at every stage, from sales to after-market service, so that customers can continue using and enjoying its products and services.

For details, see following PDF.

Quality : Honda ESG Data Book 2023 p47-62(PDF:1.30MB)