Upgrades to Legend

September 21, 1998, Japan


Tokyo, September 21, 1998 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced improvements to the high-performance Legend - the driver's choice. These include substantial refinements to both the interior decor and exterior styling to heighten the vehicle's sense of luxury in addition to several improved safety and performance features. The new grades will be available from September 25 at Clio dealers throughout Japan.

Legend Euro Exclusive

Legend Euro Exclusive

Legend Euro Exclusive

Legend Euro Exclusive

Main changes:

Exterior styling: new front/rear design enhances image of power and luxury.

  • Individualistic, power-enhancing pentagonal front grille
  • Big headlights with huge presence; high intensity discharge headlights for better, wider vision at night on low beams now standard
  • Rear-combination headlamps boost visibility and luxury finish

Interior styling: improved quality feel with more convenience.

  • Central console now with a real-wood finish covering the entire face, (Legend and Legend Euro remain a printed wood grain finish)
  • Real leather upholstery extended from three variations to five; optionally, body color can now also be freely combined with the various leather interior choices
  • Next-generation Honda DVD car navigation system now offered as an option on all grades; includes extra-wide 7-inch screen allowing use of InterNavi internet functions plus the "Wandering Sensing Device" system which detects abnormal driving patterns and alerts the driver, (see 1997 Automobile News, dated Aug.1st).
  • Cup holder in central console can now be stored away, plus it comes with an internal electric socket

Safety features: the very latest improvements.

  • New Honda i-side airbag system controls side-airbag inflation. By either turning inflation on or off - as determined by the force of any side collision as well as the passenger's sitting posture at the time of impact - occupant protection is enhanced and the possibility of injury caused by unnecessary inflation diminished.
  • Honda i-SRS dual airbag system uses a seatbelt sensor to vary the speed of airbag inflation, controlling the opening of the passenger-side airbag in two stages depending on the force of any frontal collision
  • Brake-assist system helps the driver apply extra force to the brake pedal in emergency braking situations
  • Driver's-side power window comes with additional safety function that prevents anyone from getting accidentally trapped by the window
  • Automatic door-lock release collision system automatically disengages the central locking system approximately ten seconds after any collision above a certain internally pre-set level of force

Performance features: aerodynamic design for a more stable ride at high speeds and greater smoothness.

  • Increased body rigidity and enhanced anti-roll suspension improve handling, making for a more comfortable ride
  • A lower gear ratio between first and second gears, together with improved electronic control systems, makes deceleration smoother and acceleration from a standstill more powerful
  • Advanced aerodynamic styling produces a low-drag profile and world-class stability at high speeds; modifications to the rear trunk and incorporation of front spoilers has brought down the drag coefficient from 0.37 to 0.32
  • Wider front discs and thicker plates all round boost the effectiveness of the disc-brake system (Legend Euro, Legend Euro Exclusive)

Principal factory options:

  • Premium White Pearl color option
  • Traction Control System
  • Honda DVD car navigation system
  • Luxman Pure Sound audio system
  • Electronic glass sunroof
  • Real leather seats

Domestic monthly sales target for total series:

500 units