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June 2, 2022

GE Honda Aero Engines Marks 500th Production Engine NEW

GE Honda Aero Engines Marks 500th Production Engine

GE Honda Aero Engines (GHAE) marked production of its 500th engine since the start of production of the HF120 in 2013. The milestone engine was built at Honda Aero Inc., the manufacturing headquarters of the HF120 in Burlington, NC, since 2014. The HF120 is a 2,095-pound thrust turbofan engine, powering over 200 HondaJets currently in service. The HF120 fleet of engines has surpassed 240,000 flight hours in operation.

“The GE Honda Aero Engines team ensures every engine is built to our unparalleled standards for quality, performance, noise, vibration, and fuel efficiency,” said Melvyn Heard, president of GHAE. “This 500th engine milestone is a testament to delivering on our brand commitment.”.

“Our GE Honda Aero Engines team remains committed to innovation and advancements, while providing best-in-class customer service and support throughout the engine’s lifecycle,” said Shinji Tsukiyama, executive vice president of GHAE.