Phase 3 Reaching commercialization (2004 to 2015)

Joint business and development with GE & Honda


GE Transportation President and CEO David L. Carhoun (left) & Honda President Takeo Fukui (right).

February 2004

Honda formed a joint venture business with the General Electric Company(GE), the world's largest jet engine manufacturer.


Innovative Research Excellence Power unit & Energy in Wako city, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

July 2004

Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Aircraft Engine R&D Center was established.
*Organization name changed to "Innovative Research Excellence, Power unit & Energy" in April 2020.


October 2004

Honda Aero, Inc., an aircraft engine business company, was established in the United States (Reston, Virginia at the time).


October 2004

GE Honda Aero Engines LLC, a joint venture of GE and Honda, was established in the United States. (Shareholding structure: GE 50% Honda 50%)

For more information about GE Honda Aero Engines, click here.

Joint Development of HF120


Launch of HF120 joint development: The HF120 was developed by a fusion of Honda’s HF118-2 technology and GE’s know-how.



October 2008

Honda Aero, Inc. main office and factory were completed. (Burlington, North Carolina).


November 2010

Started flight tests using test aircrafts equipped with HF120.


December 2010

Started flight tests using HondaJets equipped with HF120. 

Certification from US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


GE Honda Aero Engines LLC, President Terry Sharp (right) & Vice President Masahiko Izumi (left).

December 2013

GE Honda Aero Engines HF120 Turbofan Engine received a type certification from FAA.


FAA Production Certificate examiner (center right) surrounded by Honda Aero, Inc. associates who were delighted to receive the Production Certification.

March 2015

Honda Aero, Inc. received a production certification from the FAA. (FAA had not issued this certification for the jet engine for the last 23 years)

Start of delivery to end-customers


The first HF120 of mass production engine(center) with Honda Aero, Inc. associates.

December 2015

HondaJet, equipped with GE Honda Aero HF120 engines, received its aircraft a Type Certification from FAA and the started delivery to end-customers.