Honda to Start Leasing of Its Honda EV Plus in Japan

September 19, 1997, Japan


Tokyo, September 19, 1997 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced today it will start leasing its Honda EV Plus electric vehicle in Japan starting September 19, 1997.
As part of its long-standing effort toward the development of more environmentally friendly vehicles, Honda has been at the forefront of Electric Vehicle (EV) development. Technology related to the Honda EV Plus was first made public in April 1996 and actual running models have been extensively road-tested and monitored ever since.

Honda EV Plus

Honda EV Plus

The leasing program starting today will help gather information on marketability and uncover EV-specific problems in an everyday environment. To this end, the vehicles being leased this time are all equipped with data recorders.

The Honda EV Plus will be available in major metropolitan areas through Honda's Corporate Sales Division. Plans call for 36-month lease contracts covering a total of some 20 units.

Honda EV Plus Main Characteristics

  • All-new body specifically developed for Electric Vehicle purposes
  • Body meeting US and Japanese safety standards
  • Practical 3-door hatchback design
  • High-performance, long-life Nickel Metal Hydride batteries
  • Management system optimizing motor functions and providing information on remaining driving range according to driving conditions and battery charge.
  • Low consumption electrical equipment
    Projector-type HID headlights
    Heat pump-type fully automated air conditioner
  • New high-efficiency brushless DC motor (96 % maximum efficiency)

Major Specifications:

Overall length 4,045 mm  
Overall width 1,750 mm  
Overall height 1,630 mm  
Dry weight 1,620 kg  
Drive range per charge 210 km (10.15 mode)
350 km (at steady 40 km/h)
Maximum speed Over 130 km/h

Major Equipment:

  • Regenerative brake system
  • Dual SRS airbag system
  • ABS etc.